Apex Legends LEAK: Respawn testing Titanfall 2 Weapon

Apex Legends has been at the top of the Battle Royale scene, alongside Fortnite and PUBG, for quite some time now.

It seems Respawn are keen to further improve the game by adding new content, cosmetics and features.

This latest leak has us excited for Apex Legend's future growth...

New Titanfall Weapon

The leak comes from twitter user @Biast12, a well known Data Miner / Leaker for Apex.

The weapon in question is the "EPG-1" (Energy Propelled Grenade) that features in Titanfall 2 as a heavy grenade launcher.

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The EPG-1 had the ability to one-shot on any character if you land the shot close enough. This paired with its large blast-radius made it particularly deadly.

Although the weapon is still in early development for Apex, we hope Respawn can give us some much needed nostalgia.

Titanfall Crossover

Apex Legends and Titanfall both take place in the same "Universe" meaning a crossover between these two is possible.

We know Respawn already have plans to add Titanfall weapons and cosmetics to Apex, this most recent leak is more confirmation of this.

Although nothing is confirmed, we hope the developers go bold and somehow include the Titans themselves in Apex.

Although this may take some balancing, Titans already fight alongside normal characters (Pilots) who put up a good fight.

When can we expect to see this weapon come to Apex Legends?

Release Date

Unfortunately, there's no confirmed release date for any Titanfall content in Apex as of yet.

We anticipate the next season of Apex will have a large focus on Titanfall weapons and cosmetics.

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For now, we'll have to wait for more official news from Respawn!

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