New Apex Legends Trailer Shows Control Mode Gameplay

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Respawn has released a new gameplay trailer for Apex Legends. Calling this new limited-time game mode "Control," that's part of the game's upcoming season 12, Defiance.

Running for three weeks when the new season begins on February 8, Control allows players compete in a 9v9 setup. Two teams will fight to capture points, and the winner is determined by whoever earned the most.

New Apex Legends Trailer Shows Control Mode Gameplay

But that's not all. Within this new gameplay trailer is the upcoming legend, Mad Maggie, who was described by Respawn as someone who "lacks in empathy and basic human decency." However, she "makes up for in stubbornness and raw ferocity."

So, what else can we gather from this? The floating city of Olympus was confirmed destroyed and debris were seen to be scattered everywhere, implying a new map may also be introduced.

Like other seasons, Defiance will introduce a new battle pass, this time celebrating the third anniversary of Apex Legends. That'll allow players to unlock rewards, such as other Legends, during the first three weeks of season 12. We'll keep you informed with further details.

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