Apex Legends Season 12: Release Date, New Legend Leaks, and Rumours

Apex Legends Season 12 will be the first seasonal release of 2022.

We are still some three months away from the arrival of the twelfth seasonal release from EA Sport. But as always, there is plenty to get stuck into.

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Here is everything you need to know ahead of Season 12.


When Will Apex Legends Season 12 Start?

Season 11 is still in full swing, but that hasn't stopped Apex fans from turning their attention towards the Season 12 action.

The life cycle for each season is roughly three months, with Season 11 scheduled to end on Tuesday, February 8th 2022.

There is a little wait between the end of one season and the beginning of the next though, with Season 12 expected to start on February 8th or the following day, Wednesday, February 9th.

Apex Legends Season 12 Trailer

A pre-season launch trailer has become a staple part of the launch of each of the Apex Legends seasons.

With Season 11 still in its early stages, there has been no Season 12 trailer release as of yet. As always, we will update you with any developments in this area as and when we have them.

For a little reference, here is what we saw in the Apex Legends: Season 11 Launch Trailer.


Apex Legends Season 12 Legend

Coding data that has been found in the Apex Legends games files may have dropped a huge hint as to who the Season 12 legend will be.


Reputable source Garretleaks found that the code points towards 'Maali' which is believed to be a codename for Maggie, whom we expect to be the next legend to arrive in Apex Legends.

It is unknown as of yet what Maggie will be bringing to the table in terms of their abilities. We expect to hear more with regards to this in the build up to release.

Apex Legends Season 12 Weapons

The C.A.R SMG was the showpiece weapon arrival in Season 11, one which has gone down a treat with fans of the Battle Royale title. There has been no suggestion as to which area of combat EA Sports will look to tap into in Season 12, though we are hoping for one or two new sights and maybe even a new grenade of some sort.

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We will update you with any developments on the weapons - both arriving and leaving - as soon as we get any official confirmation.