Apex Legends

24 Feb 2021

Apex Legends Voice Actors: Who Voices The Legends?

No doubt Apex Legends is an incredible game and the actual gameplay is great!

Although it wouldn't be what it is without the lore and backstories behind each legend.

The team at Respawn have always been very focused on making sure that the story is just as vital as gameplay.

With that promise, comes the need for great voice actors, well the Apex Legends cast isn't shy of some legends!

Here's a rundown of who each legend is voiced by and what else they're known for.

If you want to find out who voices the next legend to join the games, Fuse, click here!

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Apex Legends Voice Actors

Shantel VanSanten As Wraith

The interdimensional queen and a fan favourite is played by Shantel VanSanten.

She's known for her roles in TV series such as Flash, One Tree Hill and the recent smash hit The Boys.

Allegra Clark As Bloodhound

One of the only non-binary characters in gaming, Bloodhound has been revolutionary.

They're played by Allegra Clark, who is known for her work in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Chris Edgerly As Pathfinder

Everyone's best friend, the lovable Pathfinder is played by Chris Edgerly.

He's known for his work in games such as Final Fantasy XII, Kingdom Hearts II, and more, the list is pretty extensive.

Mela Lee As Lifeline

Probably the most vital support character, Lifeline, is voiced by Mela Lee.

Whos most memorable role so far has been Jade from Mortal Kombat 11.

Branscombe Richmond As Gibraltar

Gibby, the absolute unit, is played by Branscombe Richmond.

He's made an appearance in shows such as Star Trek and even The Scorpion King movie.

Erica Luttrell As Bangalore

The kind of woman we all want by our side in the military, Bangalore.

She's voiced by Erica Luttrell who is most known for working on Dragon Age and Injustice 2.

Roger Craig Smith As Mirage

Mirage, the man who loves pork chops more than life itself.

He's voiced by the legend, Roger Craig-Smith, he actually voices the one and only Ezio in the Assassin's Creed franchise.

JB Blanc As Caustic

The mad scientist, Caustic, is voiced by JB Blanc.

He's best known for working on War Dogs and even has a voice role in the upcoming Shadowlands expansion for World of Warcraft.

Nicolas Roye As Octane

The crazy adrenaline junkie Octane is voiced by Nicolas Roye.

You may have recognised the voice of the pilot in Halo Infinite, that's because Roye voiced this role too!

Justine Huxley As Wattson

Our french genius, Wattson, is voiced by Justine Huxley.

Huxley is best known for her roles in The Incredibles 2 and GTA V!

Johnny Young As Crypto

Crypto, the hacker and legend with a bit of a question mark over his head, is voiced by Johnny Young.

Young has been known for his role in Ghost in the Shell 2013, but can even be heard in some Overwatch Shorts and the World War Z game.

Darin De Paul As Revenant

Probably the most ominous character to join the roster, making Caustic look like a softy, Revenant.

You may be surprised to know Rev is voiced by Darin De Paul, who voices Reinhardt in Overwatch.

Fryda Wolff As Loba

The thief out for revenge, Loba, is voiced by Fryda Wolff.

She's well known for working on animation, such as Trolls.

Anjali Bhimani As Rampart

Maybe Rampart sounded a little familiar at first? You've likely heard her voice before.

She's voiced by Anjali Bhimani who also voices Symmetra from Overwatch!

Anjali is also known for her role in a Fall Out 4 DLC as Nisha.

Elle Newlands As Horizon

The newest legend to make her way to the games, Horizon.

She's voiced by Elle Newlands who actually has an extensive background in gaming.

Newland has had roles in games such as DOOM Eternal, Assassin's Creed, Hearthstone, WoW, Halo 4, Skyrim and more!

Ben Prendergast As Fuse

The next legend to join the Apex games will be Fuse.

Voiced by Ben Prendergast who is no stranger to video gaming voice acting.

You may recognise his voice if you've encountered Patroclus in Hades.

Other than that he has been part of many Lego projects and a bunch of series too.