“What Are You Doing Dude?!” - Taxi Purposefully Kills Apex Legends Partner and Takes All the Loot

A good Apex Legends ranked teammate will help you when you glitch through a wall. A better Apex Legends teammate will be the one that put you there, to begin with—While you're in danger. Svend-Erik' Taxi' Høegh was driving back toward the ring when his partner jumped out of their vehicle.

It was to grab the of the cases nearby, but Taxi couldn't let this opportunity slip. He exploited a glitch in the game that left his friend in an awful position while Taxi took all of the loot. This is a bit like schoolyard bullying, but it's quite funny.

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Apex Legends bully

The Apex Legends partner of Taxi was getting loot and crouching. In response, Taxi rammed the vehicle into his friend and pushed him against the wall. Before he realized what was happening, Taxi pushed his friend through the wall.

Taxi then drove away to keep his partner inside. He took some loot as well. The clip is below. The worst part is there is only one way out—death.

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There was no way to escape, so they wasted health products until the partner realized he had to die so Taxi could get his card.

At least the first clip was funny, even though it was a huge waste of time, and Taxi needed to bring his partner back.

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