“I Thought You Said Weast” - Snip3down, FTX Reps, & ImperialHal Had Confusing Spongebob Moment in Apex Legends

Pros should already be familiar with Apex Legends, which is a team-based game. Nonetheless, it appears that Eric' Snip3down' Wrona ignored Phillip 'Imperialhal' Dosen's instructions. After they couldn't find the enemy, ImperialHal was yelling "West!" while Sinpe3down gave the perfect response.

ImperialHal was the only one not amused by the excuse. Sometimes he takes things too seriously, and he was still fuming after yelling. You can view the video below.

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The best response to someone screaming at you for not following a direction on a compass is, "I thought you said Weast." Snip3down takes his opportunity at the right time to respond to ImperialHal's shouting with the most innocent rendition of this joke.

The situation could have gone worse, but it didn't, so ImperialHal needed to cheer up a bit.

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It's hilarious to hear your friend yell and say something to make them madder. A classic situation where no one is hurt but everyone ends up a winner.

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