"Can I Get Some F***ing Help?!" - TimTheTatman Rages At NICKMERCS And Friends In The Worst Warzone Match of His Career

I have never seen Timothy' TimTheTatman' Betar so frustrated during Warzone. What starts out as friendly banter and picking on friends quickly spirals out of control. Tim isn't at his best, and no one else is taking the match seriously.

I have watched many Warzone matches with TimTheTatman, but this was by far his worst game. He kept getting knocked down, killed, and he couldn't take anyone down. As Tim loses it and screams at everything and everyone, what could have been his best moment turns into a disaster.

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Warzone Rage

Nicholas 'NICKMERCS' Kolcheff, Dennis "Cloakzy" Lepore, and Hayden' Nio' Eller just begin laughing as Tim can't control himself anymore. They definitely instigated it by abandoning him a lot through the game and making fun of his poor performance, but they enjoyed the wreck they caused. It's hilarious, and if you want to skip to his rage, it's at 8:19.

Still, he keeps raging slowly through the entire video.

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This TimTheTatman Warzone video was definitely one of my favorites. My favorite part of watching streamers argue is when they place blame when they're all doing badly. To clarify, losing quickly is a bad game, but when you pay to survive long enough just to get knocked out over and over, it's worse.

Tim's anger also fades quickly when he talks to his wife. Because he won't bring any attitude her way, he has to calm himself purposefully. Most husbands can relate.

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