ImperialHal Abandons His Team In A Losing Apex Legends Fight And Denies It After

Apex Legends is a team-based game, so why do I see Phillip 'Imperialhal' Dosen literally deserting his team? ImperialHal was low on health and noticed the enemy leaving and cornering a different team member. He uses the opportunity to run out of the building and far away as his teammates yell out for help.

That would be enough on its own, but as they talk about it later, ImperialHal comments about how he had no idea how their teammates got rushed. He even kind of makes it seems like it was their fault, to begin with. Even the comments can't believe what they see. It makes you feel better that he got his karma immediately in this Apex Legends Ranked match.

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Apex Legends Match

ImperialHal and his Apex Legends team are separated but at most 20 to 40 yards apart. Hal is cornered and trying to gain health when he notices that the doorway has been cleared of enemies. During this time, his teammate is screaming, "Push me, push me, help!"

Hal moves swiftly—out the door and away from the area. Even though it is clear that his teammates need help, he yells that they should leave and books it far away. They don't know they're being abandoned, and one of them asks, "Why aren't you fighting with them?"

As you can see from the comments, everyone is confused about why he would leave them to die.

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On its own, this would be humorous, but ImperialHal won't even admit he ran away.

Here's how the conversation went:

Teammate: They just send me so hard
ImperialHal: Well, yeah, you're playing alone Jordan, I don't know how you got singled out. I don't—Like you need to play with us.

Everyone in the comments was talking about Hal.

rainmanclos: BETRAYAL
xLOCKSERx: Hal be tripping
MissNaruka: Why did he flee......
MissNaruka: no..... hal didnt play with them!
fatalisyt: my dude bailed on them
rainmanclos: BETRAYAL
Viper_North: Baited his team D:
CALVINNIVLAC: hal aint a ride or die NOOO

Hopefully, everyone will realize that they need to play together in the future. Even so, watching hall get shot to death as he fled was hilarious.

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