Snip3down Says Apex Legends Needs Healing Balloons

'Snip3down' Wrona came up with a feature for Apex Legends. Balloons should be able to heal, which is a curious suggestion on its own. He doesn't give any prerequisite either, just that people who use balloons should get heals.

Somebody responded that ziplines should be the same, and Snip3down agreed. It is unknown where this idea came from, but at least Phillip 'ImperialHal' Dosen disagrees. Even though the reason "Controller detected, opinion rejected" isn't that great.

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Apex Legends balloon

It sounds like this is pretty overpowered. In fairness, it's harder to shoot someone from a balloon, and you're already in a good position. So why give them a camper's paradise? However, many people were against the idea.

You already know what I'm thinking. It's impossible to shoot anyone from a balloon (unless you're hacking).

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That's fine by me. In Apex Legends ranked, healing is supposed to be risky. Where's the risk if I can fly up a balloon in the middle of a firefight and heal?

As a developer didn't suggest this, it's best left to opinion instead of taking it too seriously.

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