ImperialHal’s Poor Performance at the Apex Legends Global Series Is Mocked by GMT Gnaske

A highlight of the Apex Legends Global Series was Phillip 'ImperialHal' Dosen's rage. Even though he tried to push Crypto as he always does, this time wasn't good. Nobody knows why he would do it during such a big event, but he did it anyway.

Casper "Gnaske" Præstensgaard made fun of Imperial Hal for his bad Apex Legends plays, and many joined in. We have a video of Game 5, where he really pushes the character, but it doesn't work. Eric 'Snip3down' Wrona and their partner are waiting for calls that ImperialHal can't give because he appears to be too focused on just surviving.

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Apex Legends Global Series

Crypto wasn't Hal's cup of tea, but he wants it to be. It's hard to blame him for messing up, even though he kept destroying his drone. Crypto is considered one of the hardest games to play and is really meant for the best players.

Here is the video, but for them, the game falls apart at 2:00.

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Gnaske mocks Imperial Hal for what is generally a bad game that uses Crypto.

Hal's response is there, too, but in general, the comments were joining in. While it's easy to point the finger at Hal for choosing a character he's not 100% comfortable with, he tried his best.

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