Watch: ImperialHal Rages At His Team Mates As NICKMERCS Keeps Killing Him In Apex Legends

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If you've kept up with Apex Legends streams, you can see that Nicholas 'NICKMERCS' Kolcheff and Phillip' ImperialHal' Dosen are somewhat rivals. ImperialHal has the unfortunate habit of blaming his teammates when he dies in Apex Ranked. As a result, they sometimes yell back and forth after being killed.

Although ImperialHal gave NICKMERCS advice on playing Apex Legends, Nick usually wins more than he loses to ImperialHal. The following clips show Nick repeatedly destroying ImperialHal, while ImperialHal blames his team. It's awkward at the end because ImperialHal lost it for his team, but he insists that it was everyone else's fault.


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Apex Legends Streamer Fights

The video begins with ImperialHal telling NICKMERCS to stop being a camper. After that, NICK wins firefights with ImperialHal. Fair warning, the last part is a bit awkward.

If you're a NICKMERCS fan, you're going to like how cool he looks in these clips.


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After being taken down easily, ImperialHal points out NICKMERCS' weapon and blames it for Nick's great shots. To quote him:

"Nick, f***ing rat. He's 50 ___ bro, he's desperate, he's gonna keep camping that s***."

Nick refuses to give them any ground. There is a lot of hostility between the members of the team afterward. The last situation went as follows:

  • ImperialHal fled from a situation where he knew there was an enemy and said nothing to anyone.
  • The enemy that ImperialHal saw and rain from then shot and killed ImperialHal's teammate.
  • During that time, the enemy that the now-dead teammate was defending against killed ImperialHal.
  • ImperialHal asked where the defenders were.

ImperialHal refused to listen to his teammates, who tried to tell him that he ran away from his spot and towards a different firefight. It's an awkward end, but it shows how frustrated everyone is by that point.