ImperialHal's Worst Apex Legends Rage Moments

Philip 'ImperialHal' Dosen is a great Apex Legends pro, but he has a terrible temper. Occasionally, he screams at and rages at Nickmerc over getting killed in Apex Legends Ranked. In addition to writing about ImperialHal's rage towards Nick, a YouTuber named Leg gathered a ton of clips in which he lost his cool.

He calls himself the "CEO" of Apex Legends, and he's the de facto leader of the TSM Apex Legends team. The fact that he is in charge matters to him, but not everything can go according to plan all the time. Here are some of Leg's favorites, but you can also check out Nick's article if you want to see ImeprialHal yell at his teammates for no reason.

Watch: ImperialHal Rages At His Team Mates As NICKMERCS Keeps Killing Him In Apex Legends

Apex Legends rage

ImperialHal is perfectly represented in these clips. Watching his team at their worst is exactly what's shown here. Below is the video.

More Apex Legend rage: ImperialHal Abandons His Team In A Losing Apex Legends Fight And Denies It After

Sometimes he was just marvelous and didn't need to get angry. My favorite clip was when he ran away from his teammate. I was reminded of when Hal ran away too but had every intention of abandoning his team. The link above will take you to a great clip of that.

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