The L-Star Is Broken (Again) in Apex Legends Season 10

When the L-Star was the first new weapon added to Apex Legends in the Care Packages, it was broken. That’s fine, of course, as it was a Care Package weapon. Imagine if the Kraber tickled you with 25 damage – it just wouldn’t have the same effect.

But after its explosive introduction to the game, the L-Star dropped off a cliff. Hit with nerf after nerf, the recoil was unbearable and the red beams of energy it shoots blur the entire screen, making it impossible to see your opponent. It does make it hard for them to see you, too, but it’s still less than ideal.

Recently, the L-Star has started to climb again, finding its niche as a top pick in Apex Legends Arenas mode, thanks to its low cost price and high damage. It also helps that its recoil had a slight buff last season, too. But in Apex Legends Season 10, it might be back to its best.

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The L-Star Is Broken (Again) in Apex Legends Season 10

But, as players were perusing the Season 10 Apex Legends patch notes, they noticed some big changes for the weapon. It can now take both an extended energy magazine and a barrel stabiliser. Don’t worry, you still won’t need to reload the LMG, attaching extended mags will simply increase the time you can spray before needing to cool down. The better the magazine, the shorter the cooldown, too.

The barrel stabiliser is self-explanatory: it lessens the recoil. So if you thought the L-Star was starting to feel like it was realising its former glory, it just got better. A lot better. Seriously, check out the full Apex Legends patch notes if you want to see for yourself.

Look at this clip from streamer ‘Deridium’ for example, which shows just how easy the L-Star's recoil is to control in Season 10. How many weapons can you 1v3 the opposing team with? The smaller projectiles also help with aim, but the message is clear: the L-Star is kind of busted this season.

It currently resides somewhere near the middle of our Apex Legends best guns tier list, but we’re fully expecting it to rise through the ranks as we play a bit more of Season 10. Will we see it rebalanced in a future Town Takeover? Maybe. But for now, the L-Star is back on its perch – and you don’t have to wait for a Care Package to use it this time around.

Enjoy it while you can, and I’ll leave you with this classic:

As a side note, you can probably substitute every instance of the word “L-Star” in this article with the word “Prowler,” and it will mostly hold true. Season 10 is the season of hip-fire.

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