Respawn Disables Valk in Firing Range Until Kill Farming Exploit Fixed

A glitch that allowed players to rack up kills and damage in the Firing Range as if there were from actual matches has caused Valkyrie to be temporarily removed from Firing Range use.

Respawn is currently working on the situation, and Valkyrie remains playable in Battle Royale, Arenas, and Competitive mode.

Valkyrie Removed From the Firing Range

A glitch that allowed players to rack up official kills and damage through Apex Legends' Firing Range has caused Respawn Entertainment to remove the use of Valkyrie in the practice mode temporarily.

The glitch was triggered by using Valkyrie's Skyward Dive ultimate and then switching to a different Legend.

Once doing so, Apex Legends would track kills, damage, and even revives as if they were from an actual match, allowing players to inflate their stats and complete challenges artificially.

The glitch began with Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy, though players who knew about it kept it fairly quiet for some time.

There are even cases of players triggering the glitch accidentally, damaging their stats as they fooled around in the Firing Range.

Once Respawn found out about the issue, Valk was disabled in the Firing Range until it is fixed.

There is currently no timeframe as to when Valkyrie will be usable in the Firing Range again.

Valkyrie is still available to use in Duos, Trios, Competitive, and Arenas.

Season 9 Issues

Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy is one of the largest updates to the game since its launch in February 2019, adding an entirely new mode of play to the game.

With such a large release, Respawn has also had its share of issues, starting with server outages upon the update's release.

The Kill Farming exploit is just one of several issues, such as Wattson's fence being rendered useless and ammo highlighting reacting with Bocek Bow ammo, triggering epileptic reactions.

Thankfully, the team at Respawn are professionals, tackling each issue as it arises and keeping the community informed of their progress at all times.

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