Apex Legends Developers Taking User's Triggering Sparkalaphobia Seriously

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Reddit user sky-m1n wrote a post yesterday on the popular social media news site concerning the latest Apex Legend update and how it trigger's their sparkalaphobia, or fear of glitter.

At first, there were those who joked about it, not taking the author seriously, unaware that the root of this fear stems from sky-m1n's epilepsy.

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Apex Legends Sparkalaphobia Concerns

sky-m1n Apex Legends screenshot
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SKY-M1N: Look at those stats!

"I've been an avid player since season 0 week 1 and this is the 1st season that I can't truly play. To explain sparkalaphobia, it's the fear of glitter, it may sound odd or laughable but it is uncomfortable to me."

Sky-m1n elaborated that the issue stems from the ammo for the Bocek Bow and the way Apex Legends' ammo pulsing yellow highlighting plays off the arrow's fetching.

"The problem are the arrow fetching and the pulsing yellow highlight. Every time there are multiple arrows shimmering (especially in the firing range), I feel uneasy, the pulse gets under my skin and the more arrows there are, the more uncomfortable it becomes. Sometimes to the point I have to force close and cradling myself, because I can feel like an epileptic seizure coming"

Having played Apex Legends since it launched, the ammo highlighting never bothered sky-m1n before.

It is just something about how the highlighting combines with the arrow fetching that triggers her fears.

After looking through the visual effects settings for Apex Legends, she turned to multiple forums, including reddit, in hopes someone from Respawn Entertainment would see.

Her request is simple:

"Can there be an accessibility option to turn ammo matte solid without the pulsing please? Maybe an alternative VFX where it doesn't pulse but a molten transitioning gradient...like the Evo shield VFX."

As it turns out, one of the developers did see her post.

Ryan Rigney, Director of Comms at Respawn Entertainment saw the post on reddit and responding with the following:

"Damn, never even heard of this before, but I think we ought to take it seriously. Letting the team know."

The reddit post has received over 22,000 upvotes and over 2000 comments at the time of this post.

There has been no other reply from Respawn yet, but hopefully, sky-m1n and other epilepsy sufferers will see a solution soon so they can continue to enjoy Apex Legends.

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