NICKMERCS threatens to permaban Twitch Viewers After Fans Criticize Him In Apex Legends

There's nothing wrong with the pros, and awesome gamers in Apex Legends ranked mode, but there's a problem with spectators. In the same way that some people watch football from the couch and say they could have done better, so it is in games. After days of dealing with chunks of backseat gamers, Nicholas 'NICKMERCS' Kolcheff had had enough.

Nickmercs appreciates their love and support, but his team has been at the top of Apex Legends for quite some time. There is no need for additional voices that use hindsight to say what is or isn't good, and he has a permanent solution to the problem. I even saw someone say that Nick should have chosen Caustic just to get through a point where they died.

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Apex Legends bans

NICKMERCS was really relaxed compared to how he normally handles things. When people get too involved in his Apex Legends gameplay, his team puts them in time out. He decided to talk to his chat directly:

He went on to say that eventually, there would be no more time-outs. If people continue to become comfortable, permabans will come. This clip was found by a friend of mine at Dexerto:

And he ended it softly as well:

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This was probably the coolest way to go about it. Although Nick did not yell, you could tell he was serious. It's up to the backseat gaming audience whether he turns on the bans or not.

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