“This Is for You” - ImperialHal Posts Picture After His Team Won the MFAM Apex Legends Tournament

The winner of the MFAM Apex Legends Tournament caused a lot of controversy. It was largely because it was open to both pros and amateurs, but there were no rules protecting amateurs. As a result, a real team came together to beat everyone.

Seeing that no rules stated that anyone had to play with randoms, Phillip 'ImperialHal' Dosen and TSM chose to play together as usual. However, many felt this was unfair because they were nowhere near as experienced. The best team won, and ImperialHal wanted everyone to know what he thought about their complaints.

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ImperialHal responded to those criticizing his win with a tweet featuring Jack "NiceWigg" Martin flipping the camera off:

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He is technically correct. There were no rules that said anyone on TSM had to play with randoms. Nicholas 'NICKMERCS' Kolcheff seems to have put all amateurs at a disadvantage when he let a pro team mop the floor with them. An amateur team would have never beaten TSM.

Hopefully, future tournaments will take this into account in the future. They didn't break any rules, so good for TSM for winning.

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