"You Got F***ing Carried," - NICKMERCS Says CouRageJD Has An Ego After Earning Predator In Apex Legends

Jack' CouRageJD' Dunlop made tweets about Apex Legends that got a lot of backlash in the gaming community. CouRageJD said he made Predator all by himself, and anyone who doubts his abilities is trash. Nicholas 'NICKMERCS' Kolcheff was one of the people who voiced doubts after.

CouRageJD then doubled down on his claim that he had no help from anyone else. In response, NICKMERCS went on stream to say that while they were friends, Nick didn't believe CouRage did it on his own. In Nick's opinion, CouRageJD was definitely carried, and he was beginning to get an ego, but everyone has one.

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CouRageJD Makes Apex Legends Predator Rank

Quite a bit is covered here, and a good deal of back and forth occurs. Let's start by explaining what an Apex Predator is:

The Apex Legends ranking system consists of seven tiers, beginning with Bronze and ending with Apex Predator. To move into the next bracket, you need to achieve a certain number of ranking points. The RP cost for Apex Legends Ranked Season 10 is the same as previous seasons. The result is that you will lose a set amount of RP if you abandon your game early, so if you would like to claim Apex Predator.

Picture of ranks from left to right.
Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, Predator
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Picture from the Apex Legends wiki

Only top players can reach that level. The issue everyone is having is who CourageJD was playing with in Duos and how he even made it to Diamond.

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CouRageJD makes Apex Predator all by himself

According to CouRageJD, he reached Apex Predator with only Solos and Duos. He said he might have needed some help getting to Diamond, but it was all his own skill after that. His tweet is below:

Backlash followed that, of course. People were upset not because he got carried but because he called everyone who thought he got carried, trash. NICKMERCS himself expressed opposition to CouRageJD's tweet:

Boy, CouRageJD really did double down immediately after.

This was when it reached a fever pitch, and the people of the Apex Legends community on Reddit gave their opinion:


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They were not happy

The controversy centered on this issue. Did CouRageJD do it on his own, or do some of his teammates assist him?

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NICKMERCS calls out CouRageJD on stream

NICKMERCS doesn't just say CouRageJD didn't do it alone. Nick named the teammates who helped him.

Dexerto found this clip.

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CouRageJD also gave a long tweet on his feelings on the situation:

It's a lot to take in, but there's no doubt that you aren't doing everything on your own when you play Duos. CouRageJD did do some solos alone, but he should give props where props are due.

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