“He would just sit there and watch the whole game!” - xQc Mocks TimTheTatman’s Warzone ‘Spectator’ Streams

Do you feel like Tim' TimTheTatman' Betar's Warzone streams often feature too much spectating rather than gameplay? Felix' xQc' Lengyel would agree with you, as he watched a stream and then roasted it on his Twitch channel. I'm not going to say that Tim spectates a lot, but it feels like it happens a lot more on his channel than anyone else's.

TimTheTatman and his constant spectating were criticized by xQc. Personally, I'd rather hear Tim talk than play Warzone because he tells many good stories. Nonetheless, some people watch Warzone streamers to see them wreck it in the game, not to watch those streamers watch other players.

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TimTheTatman spectates too much in Warzone according to xQc

TimTheTatman was roasted by xQc, and the accuracy makes it so funny. xQc is not a fan of that kind of content, and he makes it clear by making fun of the situation. While it's debatable if Tim played Warzone for only 20 minutes out of the entire 6-hour stream, it's still a funny joke.

The clip found by Dexerto is below.

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As if it were the biggest joke in the world, xQc said he couldn't believe it. Tim should play other games if he is tired of playing Warzone because his streams sometimes seem like they are spectating too much. For those who don't know, TimTheTatman likes to start streams with spectating. To quote xQc:

"I watched a Tim stream the other day. He played the game… Warzone. He actually played it for a total amount of… Maybe like 20 minutes over like 6 hours… He would drop in, die, and spectate the whole f***ing game from start to finish. He would just sit there and comment, dude, he would just sit there and watch the whole game!"

Tim needs to respond to this accusation because I would love to hear what he says about it. I'll link to it here if he does.

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