WATCH: The Moment CouRageJD Reached Predator Rank In Apex Legends

In Apex Legends, there are non better than the Apex Predators. The rank is the highest of the high, and people are even given numbers to show how high up they are in the ranking system. Jack 'CouRageJD' Dunlop recently became one of the people to join their ranks.

CouRageJD claims to have done this on his own, but we're not here to speculate. We can see that he did earn the rank, regardless of how he worked towards it. The video below shows him winning a match and realizing his new rank.

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CouRageJD gets Predator rank in Apex Legends

Below is a video showing him making Apex Predator with 0 kills and 7 assists. As you can see in the video, he played with a pro and did okay the whole time. He has the rank to prove his skill, so he deserves his moment in the sun.

Start the video at 9:30 for the view of the end, but watch the rest to see how much his teammates really helped.

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CouRageJD claims to have achieved this all by himself. Several have already said their piece on this, but if you want an in-depth discussion, here is an article: "You Got F***ing Carried," - NICKMERCS Says CouRageJD Has An Ego After Earning Predator In Apex Legends

Otherwise, congrats to CouRageJD on reaching Predator rank in Apex Legends.

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