"I Miss You; I Miss Us." - Amid The Twitch lawsuit, TimTheTatman Uses A Warzone Stream To Message Dr DisRespect

Timothy 'TimTheTatman' Betar streamed with Herschel 'Dr DisRespect' Beahm IV in Warzone before Twitch banned the latter. Because Twitch has disallowed anyone to even stream with the Two time, they have been forced to cut ties. This did not stop Tim from trying to contact Dr DisRespect via his stream.

Dr DisRespect made sure TimTheTatman knew he received it, and it's a little heartfelt. The lawsuit mentioned forcing Dr DisRespect to cut ties, and that's what Twitch has done. While it's sad when a company like Twitch can break up friendships, it's nice to see them try to support each other from afar.

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TimTheTatman Messages Dr DisRespect In Warzone Twitch Stream

Before Twitch banned the two-time, the biggest names in Warzone streaming played together. TimTheTatman is showing his support the only way he knows how now that Doc is taking the fight to them. Then, Dr DisRespect displayed the message on his channel to confirm that he had received it.

Tim's message begins at 1:25:

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Twitch has done some awful things in the past, but forcing people to end friendships is borderline mean. You can hear Tim wanting to say more in the Warzone stream, but he can't because Twitch punishes streamers who go too far when mentioning Dr DisRespect. Tim says:

"Doc if you're watching bro, for what it's worth, I don't know if you're watching. I miss you, I miss us, I hope life's good. And for what it's worth man, I've been tuning into your streams on YouTube and honestly for what it's worth you're doing really well over there too."

Many sites underreported and misreported how much Dr DisRespect lost as a result of the Twitch ban. Doc told us how much he lost himself, so we have the correct number. The ban cost Doc over 10 million dollars, the majority of which came from an 8-figure contract he could no longer perform after the ban. OUCH!

Twitch also caused him to lose contacts and other potential contracts. Twitch doesn't make things easy for the Two-Time all the time; we see examples of it all the time. We hope that the Warzone streamers can play together again soon, but it seems unlikely unless this lawsuit is settled with a court ruling forcing Twitch to start letting streamers play together.

Spongebob and Mr. Krabs missing each other. They're also singing "without you" which is a banger of a song.
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Same vibes

I'm just saying, when someone has to message a friend this way because they may get banned or punished otherwise, there's a problem. This is a Warzone stream that sounds like a movie where Tim is using a radio broadcast to encourage some freedom fighters.

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