DrDisrespect makes appearance on Twitch during Code Red Warzone event

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DrDisrespect's Code Red Warzone tournament was going smoothly, and many Twitch streamers were able to participate in it and stream it with no problems. BoomTV, one of the major Twitch streams covering the event, paused for a break and left the GameFuel commercial playing--The one featuring DrDisrespect. DrDisrespect was front and center in the stream, which played his entire ad.

Twitch banned DrDisrespect back in June of 2020, resulting in him going to YouTube. DrDisrespect still hasn't revealed the reason for the ban, and he has tried to distance himself from Twitch as well as vice versa. DrDisrepsect cannot play with any of the Twitch stars online, and some have reported that he can't play with the stars offline either.

BoomTV messed up in a big way

Thousands of Twitch viewers probably saw DrDisrespect, which is clearly against Twitch's rules. BoomTV reported that they told Twitch right away but haven't revealed what feedback they received. As more people become aware of what happened, it remains to be seen what Twitch will do.

Both Twitch and DrDisrespect have yet to comment or even acknowledge his appearance on Twitch. While DrDisrespect is unlikely to reply, Twitch is sure to respond with a statement. If Twitch or DrDisrespect makes any statements, we will update this article accordingly.

Twitch really has it out for DrDisrespect

Twitch's feud with DrDisrespect is probably better documented than any other streamer's. DrDisrespect doesn't bother to fight back; he just calls his lawyer whenever they go too far. Readers can see that same controversy in this video before his lawyer handled the situation.

DrDisrespect has been more than courteous to Twitch, and he has done all he can to play nice. When he was banned from playing Warzone by Twitch, he had his lawyer handle it. Doc didn't attack Twitch afterward either, and he went back to play again with no problem.

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