The New Warzone Map Has Call of Duty Streamers CourageJD, NickMercs, and DrDisrespect Excited and Anxious

The new Warzone map dropped, and streamers like NickMercs, DrDisrespect, and CourageJD were all watching the nuke drop. NickMercs and CourageJD were so incredibly surprised by the event, and the entire time they were trying to figure out what was going on. DrDisrespect, on the other hand, kept his cool and just stated that he knew a new map was coming.

From the minute the streamers saw “Survive” in their game, they knew something was up.

NickMercs chose to hide and keep away from the fighting when the water on the map started changing to a strange color. It was only after the nuke exploded that his jaw dropped open in surprise. NickMercs was the quickest of the three to start playing the new Warzone map.

CourageJD chose to hunt down anyone he could as his character became some kind of zombie husk. He seemed to have a lot of fun with the situation before the airstrike came to drop the new Warzone map. Of the three, CourageJD’s reaction was the most fun to watch, and it brought him to #1 trending in YouTube Gaming.

DrDisrespect was the least animated of the three, and he seemed almost bored with the situation. As he states later, he knew a new Warzone map would drop soon, so maybe that’s why he wasn’t surprised at all. Only after the nuke hit did DrDisrespect say he knew what was coming.

“I’ve been telling you for a long time. Brand new map.”

The new Warzone map may have been a surprise, but the fan appeal is expected

This event surpasses the Fortnite events in terms of quality of content, and many streamers benefited from it. While many have been speculating that a new Warzone map would come out soon, it still came as a surprise. As their favorite streamers start playing and older streamers return to try the new map out, viewers are in for a great reward.

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