Apex Legends Newcastle Leaks - Release Date, Lore, and Everything We Know

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Apex Legends Newcastle is one of several newly leaked Legends headed to Respawn's hit game sometime in the not-so-distant future. While we don’t yet know how Newcastle might look, the Apex Legends leak did include a mostly finished model (thanks u/Legitimate_Chapter) that reveals... their chin. It's not much to go on, but it is at least a more complete model than the other new Legends.

This guide covers what we know about Newcastle in Apex Legends so far, including their skills, potential release date, and more.

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When Is the Newcastle Release Date in Apex Legends?

So far, the leaked characters don’t have a solid release date or even a time frame. The leaked footage hosted on Reddit shows much more detail on Newcastle's model than Catalyst's and Jester's, down to a set of armor and even a smile. Most fans believe Newcastle is probably slated to arrive sooner than the others as a result, and we may even see them as soon as Season 13.

Is There Newcastle Lore?

Not yet, but that’s likely to change - and probably sooner than later if Newcastle really does release soon.

What Are Newcastle's Skills in Apex Legends?

Newcastle is another defense character, but they're more versatile than Catalyst.

  • Passive: Retrieve the Wounded - Moves and protects allies while they're being revived
  • Tactical: Mobile Shield - Activates a mobile drone that generates a shield
  • Ult: Castle Wall - Jumps to the designated area or ally, slams into the ground, and creates a barrier.

Newcastle seems like a solid fit for any team that needs a bit of extra help with revivals and could use some strong defenses.

If you're planning on diving into Apex Legends Mobile, make sure you've got the right graphics settings so you can hit 60fps.

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