Apex Legends Mod Lets Players Dual-Wield R-99s

Death, taxes, and the R-99 beaming - every player worth their salt knows that the R-99 SMG is one of the best weapons in Apex Legends. It has always been strong, and no amount of buffs or nerfs in the patch notes have changed that. The close-range, rapid-fire weapon is just as strong in Apex Legends Season 10 as it was in Season 0, and it will likely stay strong in Season 11, too.

Put simply, not all weapons are created equal and the R-99 is just built different. Whichever character from our Apex Legends tier list you settle on, putting an R-99 in their hand will make them stronger. It's most popular among Wraith and Octane mains, but even a Crypto can do damage with it in the right circumstances.

Respawn has done well to keep the R-99 balanced and the skill ceiling high, but an Apex Legends mod has changed the game for the SMG by letting you carry one in each hand and wield them akimbo.

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Apex Legends Mod Lets You Dual-Wield R-99s

Some hardcore (and somewhat controversial) Apex Legends players have launched a modded version of the game, which allows them to alter all sorts of attributes in the game. Some may just be balance changes or cosmetic differences like turning on night mode across all maps, but some are more game-breaking.

A few weeks ago a video of a rapid-fire Kraber was posted online. While it was obviously broken, it doesn't sound half as fun as dual-wielding R-99s.

As you can see, other mods are also in play, which grants the user unlimited ammunition - something crucial when dual-wielding R-99s. Just one SMG eats through an inventory of light ammo, so we dread to think what two would do. Functionality and rational thinking aside, this looks incredibly fun.

Many players commented their suggestions for implementing dual-wielding into the game -some would like it to be an option for pistols, and others think you should be allowed to dual-wield R-99s if your teammates abandon you in Apex Legends' ranked Arenas matches.

It's unlikely that we'll ever see this broken combination hit Kings Canyon for real, so for now we have to live vicariously through these videos posted on social media.

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