Liquid Hodsic And Pros Furious Coaches Can Stream Snipe Apex Legends Competitions

You can stream sniping as a coach in Apex Legends competitions, did you know? It's not just for Apex Legends ranked mode anymore. As a result of a new ruling, coaches can now provide information to their teams during a game.

Coaches can tell their teams anything, including what they see in the other team's stream. This caused an uproar because it should be considered cheating. Haris' Hodsic' Hodzic, the captain of Team Liquid, spoke out against the entire process.

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Apex Legends New Ruling

Hodsic posted two tweets describing how this is essentially stream sniping:

ImperialHal also weighs in on this issue. In addition to his gripes, he mentions the bigger issue.

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There has been no letup on this ruling either. As a result, the coaches made jokes about it, including asking another team not to turn their mics on and off.

It's not a good ruling because it's clearly going to be used for cheating, and your players should be well-versed enough to know what to do. This makes no sense to me.

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