Snip3down, ImperialHal, and Reps Reveal Apex Legends Character They'd Remove

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In Apex Legends, legends have their own playstyles and tiers, but what if you could remove one? The TSM pro-Apex Legends team was asked that question. Phillip 'ImperialHal' Dosen, Jordan' Reps' Wolfe, and Eric' Snip3down' Wrona gave contradictory answers.

Apex Legends ranked is very good at balancing out the legends, to the point where removing certain legends will change the game completely. Aside from that question, other questions were funny. One of my favorite questions was, "Why does Hal not ping loot for the team?"

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Apex Legends Team

Snip3down chose Bloodhound, while ImperialHal and Reps chose Gibraltar. A debate arises, but most people were actually opposed to Gibraltar before the nerf that made things a bit fairer, so it's understandable. This is the argument in a tweet:

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You can watch the whole video and the timestamps to watch the questions you want to be answered.

  • 0:00 - intro
  • 0:32 - What is Snip3down's hair routine?
  • 1:01 - If you could make a Legend, how would it be?
  • 1:46 - What other Esport and why?
  • 2:58 - what's the best thing about each person on the team?
  • 4:31 - Hobbies?
  • 5:14 - What's your strat to avoid tilt?
  • 5:59 - Why does Hal not ping loot for the team?
  • 7:11 - One Legend to remove?
  • 8:09 - How do you feel about being a popular team?
  • 9:25 - Outro

It's a bit cringe-worthy due to the editing, but it's a great way to see what these pros are thinking. Dalton, aka 'Daltoosh,' did not answer any questions even though he was present.

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