Disabled Apex Legends Player Develops Own Control Scheme

A promo screenshot for Apex Legends.
Credit: Image via Mobygames.

A promo screenshot for Apex Legends.
Credit: Image via Mobygames.

The huge communities of multiplayer games like Apex Legends are filled with all kinds of different people with contrasting lives and it’s important that all of them can access the game they love in a manner that suits them.

After all, if people find themselves excluded from the fun, we won’t see as many wholesome friendships being formed that eventually lead to wholesome real-life meetups.

For one player, joining in on this fun has required them to develop their own control scheme in order to make the game playable for them despite their disability.

Apex Player Shows Off Control Scheme For Disabled Players

Posting in the Apex Legends subreddit, user Powerful-Pie4238 shared a clip of them playing the game via a control scheme which relies on the use of their feet, captioning it: “I just wanted to share that despite my disability I'm still able to play Apex Legends, using a combination of mouse and a controller (remapped). I hope it brings inspiration to you all.”

In a later post they elaborated on the specifics of the unique control scheme, saying: “using the WASD software, the controller is remapped and detected by the game as a keyboard” and adding that their feet operate the movement joystick and crouch button, while their right hand does the aiming and shooting.

Several users shared positive responses, with Point-Effective saying: “that's dope as hell man” and JinkaSenya adding: “dude you rock!!!!”

Others thought that Powerful-Pie4238 demonstrated a great degree of skill, with user ROtis42069 saying: “you’re probably better than me tbh! Keep crushing it man!” and turntabletennis adding: “I love these posts because it humbles the (heck) out of me to see someone playing with their feet better than I can with my hands. Love to see that determination.”

Other players recommended that Powerful-Pie4238 might want to give Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive Controller, which is designed with disabled players in mind, a go in the future.

Meanwhile, user No_Art2928 said: “bro imagine getting killed by a guy playing with their feet, I’d just delete the game and sit down to think about my life.”

However, they might want to listen to user Puzzling_Purpose, who argued: “This right here is why most of you need to rethink how you talk to strangers while playing this game. You don’t know who you’re talking to or what they’re dealing with.”

Regardless of how well-mannered you are while playing Apex Legends, make sure to follow us for more updates on Season 13, which kicked off last month.

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