Apex Legends Cryo Grenade: New Throwable Could Be Coming Soon

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Apex Legends Season 10 has brought plenty of new and exciting additions to the game like map changes, the Rampage, Seer, and more! Although we are having a whale of a time grinding our way up the ranked Arenas ladder, we're still keeping an eye on the future, and the next addition to Apex Legends, a Cryo Grenade, could be on the horizon.

It looks like there are even more new and fairly surprising additions to come next season, yep we're already talking about Season 11. Since launch we've had three throwables to choose from, but datamines suggest that this may not be the case for much longer.

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Apex Legends Cryo Grenade

According to the reliable dataminer, 'Shrugtal', the Apex Legends community will get to see something fairly different make an appearance in-game, though this won't be for a few months.

According to the files, there is a new grenade that seems to have similar abilities to that of Mei from Overwatch. If you've played this title then no doubt you're either a Mei main or you hate them, there's not much of an in-between. For those who haven't played Blizzard's hero shooter, it works very similar to the Thermite Grenade, just with ice rather than fire.

The throwable, Cryo Grenade, also has a very similar silhouette to the Thermite Grenade and so it's suspected it has a similar damage pattern too in terms of a horizontal line of damage. Shrugtal also theorises that it may have a slowing effect, similar to the Arc Star.

A screenshot of the Cryo Grenade in-game, limited shading and flat coloured.
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Though many might initially theorise the new grenade will freeze players, for a title like Apex Legends this is completely overpowered and would likely cause an uproar among players. Instead, Shrugtal suggested that the damage might mirror that of Mei's ultimate, ticking damage.

The reason it's believed the Cryo Grenade will apply ticking damage is due to a line of code within the files which is "cryo_freeze_progress".

Line of code saying "cryo_freeze_progress".
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If you don't know what ticking damage is then take a look at Caustic, his gas causes the enemy to take continuous damage over a period of time. Rather than this being a heavy hit, it's a slower less impactful damage intake and that's exactly what Mei's ultimate does in Overwatch. Alternatively, you can take the Thermite Grenade as an example.

Apex Legends Cryo Grenade Release Date

The Cryo Grenade could release on November 1, 2021, alongside Apex Legends Season 11.

Overall, there's limited information so far and this is definitely an item that's in the works, is not polished, and likely won't make an appearance soon. Fingers crossed we can find out more or we might have one in hand next season!

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