Apex Legends Season 10: Emergence Map Changes

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With each new season of Apex Legends comes plenty of changes, and luckily we have the patch notes to give us some insight into what's going on. Players are always interested in new maps as well as changes which is no surprise, you want to know where you'll be battling it out with other squads. This season is no different, and many people are asking what the Apex Legends Season 10: Emergence map changes will be.

Apex Legends Season 10 is right around the corner and we've seen plenty of teasers, including plenty of information on the newest character to enter Apex Legends, Seer. We're super excited to see what's new but we can't wait to see how Respawn will switch things up.


Let's dive in and find out all about the new Apex Legends Season 10 Emergence map changes!

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Apex Legends Season 10: Emergence Map Changes

Here are all the map changes in Apex Legends Season 10: Emergence:

Sorting Factory has become a lava fissure in the Apex Legends Season 10 map changes.

Sorting Factory to Lava Siphon

Sorting Factory will finally see some havoc, whether that's a good or bad thing, we'll see. It seems that this POI has been pretty much submerged into lava and players will now need to use a gondola system to manoeuvre the area.


The whole POI has been submerged in molten lava, and Hammond (of Hammond Robotics no less) has built a station on top of the pit in order to stop it from spreading. The main structure looks very separate from the outer edges, and you'll need to take one of the new Gondolas to get there - unless you're Pathfinder of course.

Respawn says, it wants Lava Siphon to "introduce opportunities for chaotic, overlapping fights that stand out from other existing combat spaces in World’s Edge." We'll see if that works out.

Sorting Factory was already a fairly popular place to begin with, no doubt this addition will bring even more attraction to this point.

A snowy facility called Climatizer with large pylons around its vicinity.

Refinery to Climatizer

Refinery has been taken out by the Lava Fissure that is spreading across World's Edge. In its place is a much larger and much snowier POI, Climatizer. This is Hammond's attempt to stop the global warming that is destroying the planet, but like most billionaires' attempts to solve anything, he's not turned off the Harvester that has decimated the planet's crust, he's just thrown more money at weird cloud-making technology.

As POIs go, however, it looks much bigger than Refinery, and it will hold much more loot. Could this be a new Fragment for hot drops galore? Or could it potentially spread the hot-droppers more evenly over the map? Only time will tell.

A landslide took out Apex Legends' Train Yard POI, leaving a crane to pick up the rubble.

Train Yard to Landslide

The big one. Train Yard is gone! Finally, a natural disaster has wiped the disastrous location from the face of World's Edge. The new POI doesn't look particularly interesting, but anything's better than Train Yard, right? Right?

This spot looks to be fairly decent for a landing spot, there's plenty of cover and we expect at least a little starting loot dotted around.

An overhead shot of huge silos, with a narrow cavern running through a mountain behind them.

Overlook Rotations

Overlook has two new rotations, which isn't the most exciting change, but may affect gameplay more than you might think. The first is right in the corner by the silos, and the second is an offshoot of the eastern tunnel, connecting Overlook and Geyser.

A gondola being pulled over lava in Apex Legends.


Respawn must feel bad about derailing the Train, because it has added Gondolas to two POIs this season. Lava Siphon and Climatizer both feature the cable cars running over the deadly lava, offering a safe route through the heat.

These could end up as handy rotation tools (or good sniper spots), but they could also leave you trapped and a sitting duck for teams sat on each side of the fissure. We look forward to seeing how fast they actually are.

No doubt we'll see plenty of interesting gameplay surrounding this spot, we can already see Pathfinder grappling off of the Gondolas.

A stunning blue sky over Apex Legends' World's Edge map is tarnished by one grim cloud and a strike of red lightning.

Skybox Changes

This isn't a big change to our games, but it's a much-requested feature. The skybox in World's Edge has returned to its beautiful blue state, rather than the grim clouds of the past few seasons. There is a little bit of climate change affecting things, especially in the northeast - but overall it's a positive return to our beautiful skies.


That's about everything we know so far about the changes coming to World's Edge in Season 10, we'll be sure to update you if we hear anything else. For now, keep grinding and we'll see you on the battlefield.