Apex Legends Players Are Glitching Inside Care Packages

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Any Apex Legends player will know that Crypto could use some love. The mysterious hacker resides precariously close to the bottom of our Apex Legends tier list, and you barely ever see him used in ranked matches (unless he's supporting Octane and Revenant).

But instead of refreshing the patch notes or waiting for Apex Legends Season 11 to drop, players recently found a glitch using his drone.

The bug originally started by flying the drone under Care Packages, and the ensuing collision caused the drop pod to instantly spawn on the ground. Speeding up the drops wasn't enough for those sneaky Crypto mains, though, and they figured out a way to further abuse the interaction.


Apex Legends Players Are Glitching Inside Care Packages

By standing exactly under the Care Package drop spot on the map - you know, that spot which would usually end with you being splatted and dying outright - players can find themselves inside the package.

From the outside, everything looks normal. But when an opponent arrives to get their grubby little hands on a Kraber or Spitfire, you can jump out for a surprise attack. You can check out the glitch in action right here:

We do expect this to be patched out soon, as the glitch is clearly unintended and can give you a dangerous advantage. While only one player can effectively hide in the Care Package, any more will clip through and give away your position. You'll have the element of surprise, but a 1v3 is still pretty tricky to pull off - especially if your opponent managed to grab the weapon before you jumped.

It might be a tight turnaround for Respawn to patch this out in time for the Rampart Town Takeover, but expect it fixed before too long.