BLAST Titans Apex Legends tournament announces its wildcard invitees

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BLAST Titans has announced the 12 teams invited to take part in the Apex Legends tournament via its wildcard invites. It has named six professional teams alongside six teams led by content creators, and includes a host of familiar faces, including the former Nessy roster.

BLAST Titans is the first official Apex Legends esports tournament to take place in the ALGS off-season, and promises to shake up the competition you know and love. While the controversial Match Point format returns, players will be taking to Olympus as well as World’s Edge, and if they make it through to the second weekend of action they’ll be enjoying the esport’s first Arenas action.

With Apex Legends ranked Arenas still a couple of weeks away, this could be a sneak peek at what the meta will entail, and the opportunity for some teams to potentially surprise us all. And seeing as Apex Legends Season 10 is kicking off in a couple of weeks, this could be the last Apex tournament played on Season 9’s maps – before the inevitable Season 10 map changes.

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BLAST Titans Apex Legends tournament announces its wildcard invitees

BLAST Titans’ six pro team invites went to Team Kungarna (the former Nessy roster), Orgless and Hungry, 789, Morning Stars, 1907 Fenerbahçe Esports, and Myztro Gaming.

The six content creator invites went to Team Emarly, Team Ottr, BuffRev, Phoenix Legacy, SUCCUBUS, and Team Gdolphin. Two members of SUCCUBUS left the team after the ALGS Championship, meaning the remaining member Iván ‘Kryp’ Cuesta has recruited ‘HTPHarold’ and ‘Tylerfps’ to the roster for this tournament. It’s unclear whether they will remain with the orgless team after BLAST Titans, however.

Martin ‘gdolphn’ Skrydstrup is counted as a content creator – or at least not as a pro player – as he currently coaches TSM in the NA region. He does, however, sometime compete in ALGS tournaments for the orgless team Nuggets, Crumpets, and Dolphins. We might see fellow NCD teammate ‘Naghz’ join him for BLAST Titans.

In an interview with The Loadout, BLAST’s VP of commercial Leo Matlock said that representation was key to creating a great tournament. “We’re hoping to see female representation in both the open qualifiers and in wildcard teams,” he said. “This really isn’t a token gesture or like a tick box exercise for us, it’s a really nice opportunity to actually try and stimulate integration and participation.”

With this in mind, BLAST has invited one female player in their pro team invitations – Esdesu, who plays for 789 – and three of its content creator team captains are women. ‘Emarly,’ ‘Melli,’ and ‘Sabz Bear’ will join the fray when BLAST Titans kicks off on July 23. You can watch the tournament live on the BLAST Twitch channel.