Are Changes Coming to Apex Legends' Evo Shields?

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Shields are one of the most important pieces of gear a player can have in Apex Legends.

Introduced in Season 4, Evo Shields have become the default armor for players, upgrading to higher levels the more damage a player dishes out.


The shields are both a deterrent to damage and an incentive for Apex Legends fans to get into more gunfights.

While Evo Shields have their fans, some longtime players prefer the old armor system.

Now it seems Respawn may be thinking about tweaking the Evo Shield system, especially now that Starter Kits have become the standard in Apex Legends.

Testing the Waters

John Larson, an Associate Live Balance Designer for Apex Legends at Respawn Entertainment, recently posted about Evo Armor, asking players for their thoughts on the shields.

Responses to his tweet were mixed, with many players offering suggestions, saying the system was great as it is, or offering no helpful feedback at all and throwing shade and hate instead, as the internet is oft to do.


Valid concerns about Evo Shields were raised, such as one from Twitter user @Michael30931445:

"I think the sole balance related thing I could think of is how oppressive it can be to land on purple fight a squad or two, and have red evo in round one. It isn’t super rare due to the nature of hot drops. It builds an awful lot of momentum for the player."

Pro Apex player, John Hakansson, feels the shields are good where they are, offering a different suggestion having to do with Starter Kits:

"Armors are really well balanced atm, the biggest problem is still backpacks I still think we should spawn with white bag aswell to up the lootpool again. I armor swap all the time especially if it's an intense fight I never care about the color of the armor unless I'm minmaxin"

Are Changes Coming?

While Larson was testing the waters on Twitter, there is no guarantee changes to Evo Shields are coming, at least not for some time.


With Apex Legends 9.1 right around the corner, players can feel safe knowing Evo Shields will probably be free from updates for the time being.

If changes are on the way, they probably will not arrive until at least the launch of Apex Legends Season 10.

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