Apex Legends Season 7: EVO Shields Nerf On The Horizon?

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EVO Shields were first introduced back in March, and have been a go-to in Season 6.

But whilst highly popular, developer Respawn has been trying to tweak their power as time goes on.


This latest announcement follows the recent huge changes to massively popular LMGs, as well as planned alterations to the L-Star.

It looks like armour is also on the cards for redesign, not just weapons.

And we could see this update arrive alongside Season 7!

When Is The Change Coming?

Respawn is still searching for the right balance with the EVO Shield item.


Much like the L-Star, the damage absorbing EVO Shield isn’t your classic option, so changes need to be well planned to keep the item useful yet not too good.

Replying to a Reddit patch-notes post for the huge Aftermarket update, Game Designer Danial Z. Klein explained why EVO Shields were kept te same.

He explained that while the update couldn’t ship with 6.1, it is planned for 7.0 to line up with Season 7.


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Klein also said that at this time “The plan is to increase the damage required to go red.”

‘Red’ is referring to the max level of the item, which takes on a red coloured appearance.

Currently, the required damage sits at only 500 damage, and it will be hard to predict where this value will be moved to.


It will likely be increased, but by how much is up in the air.

Regardless of the change and when it arrives, Respawn hope that their current and upcoming slew of changes will rebalance the meta.

Let’s just hope that Season 7 doesn’t also introduce a new broken item to replace these!