Players Exploit Valkyrie Bug For Infinite Rockets, No Cooldown

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Apex Legend: Legacy introduced Valkyrie, a jetpack riding Legend with a family legacy to uphold.

Valk's release has not been smooth, with multiple bugs plaguing the character and a nerf to limit her ability to hover for too long.

Now a new exploit has been found that allows Valkyrie to shoot unlimited rockets with no cooldown.

Valk Rocket Exploit Found

Apex Legends Valkyrie
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While most bugs with Valk caused headaches for her players, this new exploit actually gives players a huge advantage on the field.

Valkyrie's Missle Swarm normally fires a volley of missiles with a thirty-second cooldown.

A Redditor who goes by DippinDoughnutz showed off an exploit that allows Valk to fire off her rockets over and over again without having to wait for her cooldown to end.

Well, technically, it only allows her to fire one rocket at a time, but it can be used as many times as the player wishes.

Not only that, but the bug also allows players to remain in the air indefinitely, so Valkyrie can fire her rockets from up above without ever having to touch down.

Respawn Entertainment has not made any official comment on the statement or even acknowledge its existence.

With Apex Legends 9.1 coming up at the end of the month, the bug will hopefully be quashed by then, if not sooner, via hotfix.

Bannable Offense

Using exploits such as this knowingly runs a player the chance of getting banned.


For this reason, the technique used to exploit the latest Valk bug will not be posted here, and it is best if Apex Legends players avoid trying this on their own in order to keep their accounts in good standing.

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