The 3 Worst Guns in Apex Legends

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Apex Legends has an amazing arsenal of weapons, some of which are better than others.

While some guns may not be considered as good as others, they can still be incredibly effective in the right player's hands.


Then there are the three guns on this list.

The only thing they are good for is holding players over until they can find something better.

If an Apex Legends fan finds themselves stuck with one of these, they may as well just accept defeat and move on.

Apex Legends' Worst 3 Guns

While the above statement may be a bit dramatic, these guns really are the worst of the bunch.

A skilled player may find some good use for them, but then again a skilled player would still be better off with any of the other options found in the game.

When looking at the stats of the below guns, STK stands for Shots to Kill, meaning the number listed is now many shots it takes to eliminate an opponent with the listed about of HP (armor included.)


Hemlock Burst AR

Apex Legends Burst AR
BURST: Normally I'm a fan of burst fire, but not with the Hemlock

Before digging into why the Hemlock is so awful, let us take a look at its stats.

Burst Mode

Target Damage STK 100 STK 150 STK 175 STK 200 STK 225
Helmet: Level 110512223
Helmet: Level 29622233
Helmet: Level 3/49022233

Single Fire Mode

Target Damage STK 100 STK 150 STK 175 STK 200 STK 225
Helmet: Level 13245678
Helmet: Level 22946778
Helmet: Level 3/42846789

The Hemlock has slots for Assault Rifle Optics, a Barrel Stabilizer, an Extended Heavy Mag, and a Standard Stock.


While the gun has the fastest single shot in Apex Legends and a reasonable accurate hip fire in Burst Mode, its low ammo capacity and cumbersome iron sights make it a poor chose over other close-mid range weapons.

The Hemlock looks really cool, and there are some great skins for it.

Unfortunately that is not enough to save a gun that so clearly cannot compare to others of its function.

Alternator SMG

Apex Legends Alternator

Stats time:

Target Damage STK 100 STK 150 STK 175 STK 200 STK 225
Helmet: Level 1225781011
Helmet: Level 2215891011
Helmet: Level 3/4205891012

The Alternator has slots for SMG Optics, a Barrel Stabilizer, an Extended Light Mag, and a Standard Stock.


At first glance, the Alternator seems like a pretty decent gun.

Its recoil is manageable, has good iron sights, and has a tight hipfire spread.

The main issue with the Alternator is that every other SMG blows it out of the water.

Its headshot multiplier also drops to 1x at a distance over 39 meters.

Players are much better with a Volt or R-99, two of the best weapons in the game.


Apex Legends P2020

The stats of the P2020 are pretty dismal for a single fire gun:

Target Damage STK 100 STK 150 STK 175 STK 200 STK 225
Helmet: Level 12546789
Helmet: Level 223578910
Helmet: Level 3/423578910

The Pistol has slots for a pistol sight and extended light mag.

At one point it could equip Hammer Point rounds, but that has been off the table for a bit.

Pretty much all Apex Legends players know the P2020 is the most bland, boring, and almost useless weapon in the game.

It is likely the P2020 was included in the game because of some unwritten rules that a standard pistol must be included in all FPS games.

The P2020 reloads fast and players suffer no movement penalty while aiming down sights.


It is semi-auto, requiring a quick finger to fire rapidly, and the magazine capacity is way too small without an extended light mag.

Similar to the Alternator, the headshot multiple drops to 1x at longer range.

Honestly, there is just no competing with most SMGs or shotguns at close range, meaning the P2020 is pretty much useless if any other option in Apex Legends presents itself.

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