Apex Legends Season 5: Always Be Closing Evolved LTM, Release Date, Changes, Everything We Know So Far

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Dataminers are at it again! This time it is shrugtal, who has found out what's going down in the next Limited Time Mode (LTM) for Apex Legends.

So far in Season 5, we've only had the Armed and Dangerous Evolved LTM, but that was great fun. Shotguns and Snipers everywhere, with some great rewards.


However, games got a little campy with the inclusion of so many snipers, so we hope that Always Be Closing Evolved will take a different route.

Luckily, it looks to be focusing on heavy weapons, and specifically the Spitfire.

Release Date

Apex Legends Always Be Closing Evolved LTM.

The Always Be Closing Evolved LTM will drop on August 11, near the end of Season 5.

It will go on for a week, until August 18.

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What Is The Always Be Closing LTM?

Apex Legends Always Be Closing Evolved LTM.

Image courtesy of PWN HUB on YouTube

We first saw the Always Be Closing LTM during the Grand Soiree event, but it was only playable for two days so you'll be forgiven if you've forgotten what went down.

The main change for the LTM is that the ring continuously shrinks from the moment the game starts.

There's no chance to farm supply bins for the best loot on the edge of the map, and the concentrations of players towards the centre is even higher than usual.


The Always Be Closing Evolved LTM is confirmed to play across both maps matching their usual rotation times, but that's not the only change.

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How Has It "Evolved"?

Apex Legends Always Be Closing Evolved LTM

Image courtesy of EA/Respawn Entertainment

The "Evolved" name suggests that the LTM will have similar changes to Armed and Dangerous.


You'll drop into Apex matches armed with an Evo Shield and a trusty Mozambique. No other shields will spawn on the map.

However, the biggest changes tie in with the Season 6 teasers and the next Legend to enter the fray.

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Rampart Teasers

Apex Legends Always Be Closing Evolved LTM.

Image courtesy of Shrugtal on Twitter


Teasers for Season 6 and new Legend Rampart will be well underway by the August 11th start date for this LTM.

This means that a new hop-up will have dropped into Apex Legends matches - the Graffiti Mod hop-up.

This loads an LMG with paint-filled rounds (hence Rampart's signature graffiti), but also increases magazine capacity and reload times.

At the moment, it can only fit on the Spitfire, but we're half expecting the Devotion to leave supply crates and return to being regular loot in Season 6 to make better use of the hop-up.

The Graffiti Mod will be available in the LTM, and it'll be brutal. You'll have the chance to get your hands on a Spitfire with 63 rounds in the magazine (with a Level 3 Extended Mag) and a 25% faster reload speed.

What's more, you'll be more likely to find all of the above on the map. Firstly, there will be six care packages dropping at the start of every match - each containing three spitfires and three graffiti mods. In King's Canyon, you'll also find two Supply Ships.

Additionally, the chance of these weapons and attachments spawning on the map will be increased. The Spitfire will upgrade from a 2% to 10% chance in common loot areas, Heavy Ammo will have a 45% chance of spawning - the next most common will be Light Ammo with a 26% chance.


What's more, the Graffiti Mod attachment will have an 8% chance of spawning - while other attachments will stay at around a 2% chance.

You can find out all the details on Shrugtal's YouTube channel.

So, players will be running around, mostly armed with rapid-firing, quick-reloading LMGs. Paint will be everywhere. Players will undoubtedly use this as an opportunity to graffiti the maps themselves.

It sounds brutal, and we cannot wait. Roll on August 11!