Apex Legends Season 4: Has Your Favourite Character Been NERFED?

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Apex Legends Season 4 is finally here, after so much anticipation and teasing from Respawn – and it looks like it might be the biggest season yet.

With changes to ranked mode, a huge refresh of the World’s Edge map, a new weapon and a new character, Respawn somehow still found time to tweak the base game underneath.


While we’ve run down the full patch notes here, you’re likely wondering how the new update will affect your favourite characters, just in case you want to change your strategy.

For the majority of players, you’ll be pleased to know that almost all characters remain the same – but if Bloodhound or Crypto are your main Legends then there are some changes to be aware of.

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As of the Season 4 update, if Bloodhound knocks an enemy down (without killing them), they’ll add an extra five seconds to the “Beast of the Hunt” ability’s timer.

That means, in theory, a very aggressive Bloodhound player could chain together plenty of knockdowns/kills with this change.


With the Season 4 patch, Crypto and Gibraltar are being tweaked, or at least in the way they work together.


Crypto’s EMP blast ability can no longer destroy friendly Gibraltar dome shields (FINALLY!), while Gibraltar’s dome shields no longer stick to Crypto’s aerial drone.

Aside from existing characters, Revenant is the new addition to the cast of Apex Legends but his suite of kit and abilities has many thinking the character is overpowered – especially since he can resurrect himself and teammates. Find out more here.