Apex Legends Season 4 LIVE: Season 4 End Date, "Battle Armor Event", Latest Patch Notes, Battle Pass Rewards, Revenant, Sentinel And Much More

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With Apex Legends Season 4: Assimilation coming to an end next month to make way for Season 5, Respawn Entertainment's Battle Royale game has never been more populated.

The new Battle Armour event will be a strong finish to an incredibly strong season!

Let's walk you through everything going on in Season 4.

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New Event

Respawn has officially announced the next event coming to Apex Legends. 

A new Battle Armour LTM, focused entirely on... you guessed it... body shields. 

It kicks off on Tuesday, April 28th, and takes place on the World's Edge map.

It's a 14-day LTM that will rotate the different types of body shields available in the game.

In this new mode, all body shields will be removed from the loot pool, apart from the body armour you drop with. Each new day of the event will feature a new level of body armour.

Here is the rotation schedule:

  • Tuesday, April 28th - Saturday, May 2nd: Level 1 (White) armour
  • Saturday, May 2nd - Wednesday, May 6th: Level 2 (Blue) armour
  • Wednesday, May 6th - Saturday, May 9th: Level 3 (Purple) armour
  • Saturday, May 9th - Tuesday, May 12th: Evo armour

System Override Patch Notes

The new event is live, and we have the patch notes. 

You can find the full patch notes for System Override here.

New Event 'System Override'

The event will run from March 3rd through March 17th and will have plenty of rewards to sink your teeth into.

You can find all of the details on the System Override event here.

Season 4 Official Patch Notes

A new season means new patch notes.

The new patch includes plenty of updates to legends, weapons and the map itself.

You can read the full Patch Notes here.

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Meet Revenant

Revenant has arrived and players will be flocking to play him - you can check out our guide.

A human-hitman turned into a nightmare simulacrum, Revenant has been dealing death for centuries.

The return of Hammond Robotics to the Outlands has given him a new target. Now his synthetics sights are set on the company that created him and any Legends who cross his path.

Revenant throws out Silence devices to disable other Legends’ abilities and make them easy prey. And with his ability to scale obstacles and crouch-walk with unnatural speed, nowhere is safe.

Revenant can even rescue his squadmates from death itself -as long they’re useful to him. Become a killing machine and teach your foes the meaning of fear.

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Battle Pass Overview

The battle pass costs 950 Apex Coins. You can buy 1,000 from the store for £7.99/$10.

You can also buy the Battle Pass Bundle for 2,800 Apex Coins.

You'll be able to earn over 100 exclusive items including:

  • Apex Packs & XP Boosts
  • Crafting Metals & Apex Coins
  • Music Packs, Loading Screens, Quips and more

Apex Legends Season 4 Release Date 

Apex Legends Season 4 is here! The update Released February 4th, 2020 at 6pm GMT.

Season 4 is set to end on the 5th May with Season 5 due to begin on the same day.


Apex Legends Season 4 Gameplay Reveal

We finally got our first glimpse of gameplay for Season 4 and more importantly, we saw both Revenant and the new Sniper Rifle 'The Sentinel' in action.

Map update

One of the biggest changes is the new ravaged World's Edge map, with Hammond Robotic's Planet Harvester ripping holes through Capital City, splitting it into two separate locations. 

Players will have to change up their tactics as there are only two ways to cross the gaping holes between these two areas.

In addition to this, a small camp; Survey Camp, has been added for those who want to avoid hot drops, but the addition of weapon racks may incentivise more skilled players to land here too.

First look at Battle Pass

The gameplay trailer also revealed some interesting new skins:

  • New Rare Lifeline Skin - Health Drain 
  • New Legendary Wraith Skin - Perfect Soldier
  • New Legendary Wattson Skin - Cyberpunked


We finally got to see the Assassin in real, gameplay action. As well as delivering cool one-liners and getting some insane looking kills as he jumped and slid around. We also got a look at Revenants official abilities:

  • Mark for Death – Fire a poison dagger. Press again to reveal the target’s location for up to 60 seconds. The mark is removed if the target heals to full.
  • Poison Bomb – Launch a Poison Bomb that damages and slows targets hit. This skill will likely deal Area of Effect (AoE) damage.
  • Death Recall: Drop a totem that protects anyone who uses it from death. Instead of getting killed or downed, you’ll return to the totem with 20 health.

Stay up to date with the latest Apex Legends Season 4 news in the blog right here.

With Apex Legends Season 4, Respawn is introducing a variety of new features and changes to Apex Legends. According to the material that Respawn sent us, we can expect to see the following in Season 4:

  • Map Update - World’s Edge has been shaken up with a giant Hammond Robotics harvester that has fractured Capital City, creating fissures leaking lava throughout the entire arena. A breakdown of all the changes coming to World’s Edge can be found here.
  • New Weapon - Find and equip the Sentinel bolt-action sniper rifle which features a special charge mechanic, giving players the freedom to really customize their shots - from slow to quick to charged shots.
  • Battle Pass -Players can get their hands on over 100 exclusive items, including Legendary skins, Apex Packs, Loading Screens, Music Packs and more.
  • Ranked Series 3 - Hone skills and earn recognition with Ranked Series 3 with a three-month series divided into two splits -- each with a soft reset. For players climbing up the competitive ladder, Ranked Series 3 introduces Master Tier, a new tier in between Diamond and Apex Predator. More details on Ranked League Series 3 can be found here.

If you're not familiar with how Apex Legends has panned out so far, you can read about what's happened so far here.

Skill Based Matchmaking

Have you wondered why after winning a game of Apex Legends you'll go on a long losing streak?

Suspicions about a skill-based matchmaking system in Apex has been confirmed and has gotten even more brutal in Season 4.

Here's everything you need to know.


With the gameplay trailer set to be revealed, Respawn’s producer Josh Medina has joined the hype train suggesting that solos could well make an appearance.

When Cloud9 star PVPX asked if Season 4 was going to “bless us with solos”, Medina revealed players who queue alone may have something coming their way this year.

"We should offer a way for solos to play the game without teammates," he said. 

If solos arrive in Assimilation, it won’t be the first time. In fact, it first appeared in the Iron Crown Collection event, even though it was short-lived.

King's Canyon Returning

It's been confirmed that King's Canyon will make a return in Season 4.

World's Edge will play host to the first split of the Season and King's Canyon will fulfil the role in the second.

  • World's Edge - 3rd February until 23rd March 2020.
  • King's Canyon - 24th March to the 4th May 2020.

Apex Legends Season 4 Launch Trailer

Last week, Respawn shed light on the backstory of the latest Legend to arrive - Revenant.

Season 4 will explore what drove Revenant to murder Forge as his villainous background and agenda ooze onto King's Canyon.

The new launch trailer possibly confirms the origin story of one of the Apex Legends characters. It could be Loba or the unannounced character Rosie.

Revenant wasn't the only new addition to Apex Legends in Season 4.

Hammond Robotics worksites have emerged on World’s Edge, along with the Sentinel, a new bolt-action sniper rifle and all-new Battle Pass featuring more than 100 exclusive items including Legendary skins, Apex Packs, Loading Screens, Music Packs and more.

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Ranked Series

Ranked Series 3 will arrive in Season 4, which will include new six-week splits, a new Master Tier (featuring the top 500 players by platform) and more.

apex legends season 4 ranked
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The new ranked details were confirmed in January:

“This means that Series 3 will have two shorter splits, each with a soft reset,” Respawn said. “Split 1 will be played on World’s Edge while Split 2 will be back on King’s Canyon to keep things fresh.”

Master Tier was also added, between Diamond and Apex Predator, meaning Apex Predator will now play host to the top 500 players on each platform.

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Apex Legends Season 4 Weapons

New weapons have been a staple in the release of new seasons.

The Charge Rifle and L-Star have already become regulars in most Apex players' armouries.

The new weapon is the high powered sniper rifle, The Sentinel - you can check out our guide for this weapon here.

Executive producer Drew McCoy said "It feels really powerful. It’s got that cool animation when you cock it back. It’s a little different than our other sniper rifles because it has a charge mechanic.”

Hints and leaks suggested we'd see a new energy-based SMG called the Volt however it seems we'll see it in another season. Two reasons heavily suggested why this is:

Respawn Entertainment are changing the way energy weapons function by removing energy mags from the game.

Shroud, a man who knows a fair amount about first-person shooters, recently claimed that the VK-47 Flatline is the best gun in the game. You can check out our tier list below.

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Explaining in the Grand Soirée event patch notes: "We know that the removal of energy mags may seem a bit odd, but it will make much more sense with the release of Season 4!."

The existence of the Volt is a certain thing, That1MiningGuy leaked the game files of the new weapon as well as the weapon model.

Data miners already believe the Volt SMG and CAR SMG, both of which featured in Titanfall 2, will be on the way.

Keen-eyed Respawn fans would have noticed the L-Star is another Titanfall 2 weapon so it's not beyond the realms of possibility to see more turn up. 

Apex Legends Season 4 Map

The last season saw a real shake-up of the map, introducing World's Edge.

Players can look forward to a number of changes within the map thanks to Hammond Robotics moving in.

Some of the key changes are:

  • The Planet Harvester
  • Capitol City
  • The Updraft
  • Survey Camp

Kings Canyon will make a shock return in the second half of the season, which will certainly please some fans.

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Who Is The New Legend?

So far, we have had a new character added to the Apex roster every season, this season is no different with the release of Revenant.

These characters have had a particular ability that has been designed to upset the status quo.

Take Wattson for example. A lot of teams use Bangalore for her smokes and aerial bombardment which can put other teams under stress and move them out of favourable positions.

Wattson’s Interception Pylon ability can defend them against these bombardments making Bangalore’s team less reliant on its ability and focus more on figuring out a more creative strategy.

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Revenant appeared in the Shadowfall event for the Season 3 Fight or Fright but originally he was first leaked by data miner, That1MiningGuy

He was then behind the assassination of 'Forge' just moments as the brawler announced he was stepping into the battle royale.

apex legends season 4 revenant
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In the November update, changes were made to the character and his abilities in the game files.

The biggest change that was made to Revenant was the removal of his unique ‘Stance’ system whereby he had two stances ‘Regular’ and ‘Shadow’ each with different abilities. 

Instead, he will only have the ‘Regular’ stance going forward. Here’s the list of his abilities:

  • Passive: Infiltrator – Climb walls higher and crouch walk faster
  • Mark for Death – Fire a poison dagger. Press again to reveal the target’s location for up to 60 seconds. The mark is removed if the target heals to full.
  • Poison Bomb – Launch a Poison Bomb that damages and slows targets hit. This skill will likely deal Area of Effect (AoE) damage.
  • Death Recall: Drop a totem that protects anyone who uses it from death. Instead of getting killed or downed, you’ll return to the totem with 20 health.

Most recently, we were introduced to his abilities in action during the gameplay reveal trailer.


Known as the "Augmented Brawler", Forge was originally meant to be the new Legend for S4, however, he was seemingly assassinated by the enigmatic Revenant.

For many, his inclusion was all but certain as he is categorised in the game files under 'season4chars'.

  • Pull Shot: Short-range grapple that pulls enemies into you or can be used to launch yourself into the air.
  • Ground Slam: Press crouch while airborne to slam into the ground below.
  • K.O. Punch: Jump forward in a direction. Press crouch while airborne to slam into the ground below
  • One-Two: Bull rush in a straight line. If you hit an enemy along the way, press again to do an upper-cut launching you into the air.
  • One The Ropes: Enhances your melee to do more damage the lower your health is. Dealing melee damage gives you temporary overshield.
  • Victory Rush: Killing a player with a melee attack restores your health and gives you a 30% speed boost for 10 seconds

There were two other possibilities who we expect to see in future seasons: 


Rosie is supposedly Wattson’s tutor. She was on the list of suspected characters that was leaked back in February. New theories are emerging that she is in fact Loba and was the little girl in the launch trailer.

Here’s a list of her supposed abilities:

  • Eye for quality: Loba (Rosie) can see through walls and can open up hidden compartments in loot bins.
  • Supply for demand: Hold (button) to choose a type of loot. Reveal what type of loot in the area through walls
  • Burglar's best friend: Throw a disc and teleport to that location.
  • Black Market Boutique: Place a device that can steal all nearby loot


This character sounds like it's been built for those who think of themselves as very unlucky when it comes to their loot.

We've all be in a situation whereby we land with multiple teams, run into a building in the hopes of getting a weapon only to find a bandage and getting killed straight away by someone with a fully decked out R-301 carbine and gold shields.

It will be interesting to see whether a loot-based legend will alleviate some of those problems.

What is Apex Legends?

Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale from Respawn Entertainment, the creators of “Titanfall”.

The game launched on February 4th 2019 and had one million concurrent players over a period of 72 hours and reaching 50 million players in less than 30 days.

In comparison, one of its main competitors “Fortnite” took about 100 days to reach 45 million players.

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