Apex Legends Season 5: World's Edge Map Guide - Tips And Tricks For The Best Loot Spots And Weapon Locations

While World's Edge may have fallen out of favour for Season 5, it's still worth knowing what's what in the battle royal's alternative map.

Here are the best landing and loot spots.

The Planet Harvester

The biggest change in the World's Edge is the Planet Harvester. Hammond Robotics launch this huge drill into the centre of the map every game to mine - we assume - the planet of its resources.

It sits where Fuel Depot once stood and is unmissable thanks to its immense size.

Enter on one of the four corner "legs" and climb to huge slope to find a network of rooms filled with loot.


Don't try to land on top of it though - it's out of bounds.

This is a hugely popular landing spot, so be ready for plenty of other players.

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Capitol City

Remember the Capitol City? Yeah, that's gone now.

Well, not so much gone as ripped in two. Now known as Fragment West and Fragment East, the city lies in ruins, separated by a gaping chasm filled with lava called the Updrift.

While the Updrift won't kill you, it'll do damage to the tune of around a quarter of your health, and gently float you to the top.


Sure, that's better than death, but it makes you a sitting duck and nothing more than a loot delivery service for other players in the area.

Ruined bridges made of fallen skyscrapers do cross the chasm, and loot bins are plentiful in this High Tier Loot area.

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Survey Camp

Survey Camp is a much smaller point of interest on the World's Edge map. However, there are some key reasons why you should consider dropping here.

The most important of these are weapon racks - much like the ones you see in the Firing Range, you'll find weapon racks in Survey Camp.

So, while Epicenter may have better loot, a guaranteed great weapon may tempt you away from the bigger cities.

This small POI is already feeling busy, so be careful when dropping in.

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Best Weapons

The number one weapon emerging in Season 4 is the L-Star. Now found anywhere on the map, rather than only in supply drops, it takes energy ammo and doesn't need to be reloaded.

Instead, it overheats after excessive use. Even if you do overheat it, it's pretty quick to recover. Despite damage and rate of fire decreases, the L-Star is looking phenomenal for those city fights.

Despite all the cover, the Sentinel sniper rifle is looking very powerful, especially if you land in a less built-up location or on higher ground.

It does massive damage, instantly cracking any shield if you've charged it up, and a headshot will take the rest of any enemy's health.

However, close-ranged weapons are still coming up trumps in the later rounds, so be sure to pick up a Wingman, Peacekeeper, or R-99 if you want a bit of extra range.

Don't forget to fully soup them up with extended magazines, stocks, or hop-ups to deal the most damage.

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