Apex Legends Season 4: Ranked Mode Guide – Can You Be An Apex Predator?

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Apex Legends Season 4: Assimilation kicked off earlier today, meaning we players are already finding the new Sidewinder and Sentinel weapons, exploring the newest version of the World’s Edge map, and getting their hands on the terrifying new character – Revenant.

Of course, the best players will be aiming to be the Champion right from the outset in order to get themselves up the leaderboard – but there are some big changes which could mean you’ve got a fight on your hands to be considered an Apex Predator.


What is Ranked Mode?

Ranked Mode pits players against those of a similar skill level, separating the best from the rest. For that reason, you’ll need to be at least level 10 to join the ranked queue.


What are the ranks?

The ranks begin at Bronze, and increase with the “Rank Points” as follows as of Season 4:


Bronze - BaseSilver - 1200 RPGold - 2800 RPPlatinum - 4800 RPDiamond - 7200 RPMaster - 10000 RPApex Predator - Top 500 Players on each platform

Master rank is a new addition, making Apex Predator an even more hardcore commitment for players - limited to just 1500 players worldwide (500 on PC, 500 on Xbox One and 500 on PlayStation 4).

You can see the ranks and their respective rewards below.

How do you earn Rank Points?

Rank points are handed out for better-placed finishes as well as kills – we’ve listed the ways you can snag them below:

  • Per Kill - 1 Rank Point (Up to a maximum of 5 Rank Points)
  • Top 10 - 2 Rank Points
  • Top 5 - 4 Rank Points
  • Top 3 - 7 Rank Points
  • Champion - 12 Rank Points


Anything else?

Yes, actually. Ranked mode in Season 4 is split between the all-new World’s Edge and the game’s first map, King’s Canyon.


So from the start of Season 4 until 23rd March, you’ll be playing on the new version of World’s Edge. Afterwards, it’s onto old favourite King’s Canyon until May 5 - when Season 4 finishes.

You’ll also no longer be able to drag lower-ranked players up to the heights of Master and Apex Predator, as the game will now only allow parties with players within one rank of you. That means if you’re in Diamond, you can only add Platinum or Master players to your party.

Of course, you can still play with your friends as per usual outside of ranked mode.