Apex Legends Season 4: Best Landing And Loot Spots

If you're still getting to grips with the new changes to the World's Edge map in Apex Legends Season 4, there are plenty of amazing loot spots.

At the beginning of any Battle Royale, the first important decision you’ll have to make is where you want to land.

But what makes a good landing spot? Generally, an abundance of high-tiered floor loot and Supply Bins.

Landing at a popular POI means that you are bound to get stuck into a gunfight pretty early on.

Unless you have a great weapon to start off with, you could be facing an early elimination, so check out our list of best landing spots below.

The Epicenter

Situated in the top right corner of the map, The Epicenter is located far enough in-land that getting to the first ring shouldn't take too much travelling.

The Epicenter is pretty small and has plenty of Supply Bins and loot to get you onto your feet, and it is unlikely that you’ll bump into other players, as there are numerous popular landing spots in nearby locations.  

In fact, the nearby Capitol City is a very popular landing site, so you could get involved in some of the nearby gun fights and wrangle yourself some great loot.

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Overlook is another location situated in the top right corner of the map, however, it is virtually split into two separate areas; the coastal structure hanging over the cliff, and the town that lies to the north. 

The coastal structure is relatively small which pretty much guarantees that you won’t run into another player, and it won’t take long to scavenge through.

The town to the north is much more of a hot spot, so try to loot as quickly as possible if you land there and get ready for a gunfight. 

Either way, both areas are good when it comes to looting, which serves well for some early on inventory-stacking.

Lava City

Situated in the lower right quadrant of the map, Lava City is probably the best location to land in this region.

Players won't have to worry about fighting anyone from the offset as it’s a relatively quiet spot.

Though there is potential for good loot, it can fall behind other previously-named locations when it comes to the quality of weapons and items.

Lava City sits adjacent to Sorting Factory - one of the most loot-heavy locations on the map, so starting at Lava City allows you to avoid that mess, and then starting picking off the stragglers next-door.


The Train Yard

The Train Yard is located pretty centrally in comparison to the other locations on this list, but the cliffs along the eastern and southern boundaries give it some much-needed cover from the nearby POIs.

The Train Yard ticks every box when it comes to landing locations.

It's pretty small but still features 26 Supply Bins, while providing a good amount of high-tier floor loot.

It's central and located near other good locations, so you can check out Lava Fissure for it’s good loot, or use the secret Sniper’s Ridge to swoop in on unsuspecting enemy teams in Skyhook.



Refinery, the third location on the list situated in the top right quadrant, sits a little further northeast than The Epicenter.

Refinery is the ideal location as it has 25 Supply Bins and a decent amount of floor loot, which suits players who don’t want to take too long scavenging.

It is not a very popular landing spot at the moment, but more and more players are starting to catch on to how valuable this location is, so keep your wits about you.

The only negative is that you might be stuck miles away from initial rings if they were to start in the lower-left region of the map.

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