Apex Legends: Is Revenant Overpowered? Why Season 4's New Legend Needs To Be Nerfed

Apex Legends Season 4 may have only kicked off less than 24 hours ago, but players are already finding some issues with the game’s newest character, Revenant.

The robotic assassin’s backstory is one of being a terrifying bad guy, but has his appearance now ruined the game for players?

Why Is Revenant Overpowered?

In one-on-one battles, Revenant’s tactical ability “Silence” is a game-changer in that it’s a throwable that prevents enemies from using their own abilities for 10 seconds.

In a battle royale title, 10 seconds is a long time, and Silence also deals damage – meaning by the time your abilities are available, there’s a good chance you’ll already be dead.

With the “Stalker” passive ability, it’s easier to engage in one-on-one fights, too.

His increased crouch movement speed and enhanced climbing ability (Revenant not only climbs and mantles more quickly but does so with higher walls, too), it’s possible to flank and isolate an enemy squad member.

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Of course, the key ability here is “Death Totem”, Revenant’s Ultimate Ability that has led many to decry the character’s addition.

By dropping a Totem in the field, Revenant cannot be downed or killed – yes, really. Instead, he’ll be dropped back at the Totem, albeit with less health.

That means with the right number of Ultimate Accelerants, Revenant can respawn himself – but the Totem also applies to teammates. In the “one life to live” world of battle royale, it feels wrong to use a “do-over”.

Revenant is a unique character in Apex Legends in that he seems to already have a built-in debuff, which most players don’t feel is enough.


A trait called “Low Profile” means he is harder to hit, although the flip side of this is that he will take 5% more damage when hit.

Making him harder to hit, able to revive away from battle (with no loss of loot), and keep an entire squad alive is sure to make him a controversial pick, especially with the Apex Legends Global Series having already kicked off.

We’re interested to see what kind of patch notes will come next, but in the meantime, you can find our rundown of everything added, changed, or removed in Season 4 here.

Revenant Issues

A few instances on Reddit have also pointed out some issues with Revenant.

u/PandaTheLayZ noticed that Revenant turns invisible when using the Sniper Digital Threat.

Video via u/PandaTheLayZ

u/Phatnom13735 also commented on how players are leaving games because they didn't get to pick Revenant - obviously extending queue times.

A few other players have expressed opposite views saying that he is not as good as was anticipated.

Revenant Guide

If you're looking to make the most of Revenant, you can check out our guide for him here - complete with tips and tricks.

If you want to avoid his onslaught, you'll need to keep him at a safe distance. The human-hitman likes to get close and personal with his opponents and if you can keep him at bay, his abilities will be less impactful.

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