Apex Legends Season 4: Revenant Abilities, Character Tips And Tricks And Gameplay Guide

Apex Legends Season 4: Assimilation is upon us, and with it comes an exciting new character, the robot assassin Revenant.

Remember Forge? It all seems like a long time ago now, but Revenant invaded his "Up Close and Personal" interview segment and killed the man who many thought was going to be the next Apex Legend. Or did he...? 

Now Revenant is stalking World's Edge, and loads of players will want to get up close and personal with his metal majesty.

Whether you want to know the best ways to make the most of Revenant or the best ways to kill him, here are our best tips for the calculated killer.

How To Unlock Revenant

You can unlock Revenant by spending 12,000 Legend Tokens, which you can acquire in-game.

Your other option is by using the game's premium currency. Like all other characters, Revenant costs 750 Apex Coins. You can buy a pack of 1,000 Apex Coins for £7.99.

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Revenant's Abilities

Revenant comes with a range of all-new abilities to help him on his way to victory.

  • Passive ability: Stalker
    • Revenant crouch walks faster than other heroes, and he can also clamber up higher walls.

This one is pretty self-explanatory. We are yet to find any walls that can only be climbed using Stalker, but we will keep this page updated.

  • Tactical ability: Silence
    • Using this ability, Revenant throws a gadget that both deals damage and disables enemy abilities for 10 seconds.

Revenant's Tactical ability has a pretty standard recharge of 20 seconds and only does minimal damage - around 10. This is most useful to suppress opponents' movement abilities.


  • Ultimate ability: Death Totem
    • Revenant's Ultimate basically gives him an extra life, as long as he gets it out in time. If his totem is deployed, he'll reappear at its location with 1 HP instead of getting downed or killed.

His Ultimate ability gives Revenant an extra chance at life for 30 seconds but requires you to heal again immediately after use if you've gone into a particularly heavy firefight.

  • Low profile
    • Like other Legends that are smaller and thus harder to hit, Revenant takes 5% more damage.

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Revenant Tips And Tricks

Revenant is a DPS character, so works well with support or recon characters by his side.

We'd suggest a Caustic, so Revenant's Silence ability makes it harder for enemies to escape from the gas traps.

Lifeline would also work well, as her Healing Drone would help Revenant after he has been resurrected by his Death Totem.

While she is another DPS character, Wraith setting up a portal next to Revenant's Death Totem - which other players can also use - could lead to some tricky shenanigans.


As for weapons, Revenant likes to get up close and personal. His abilities lend themselves to close-quarters fighting, and the changes to the L-Star have made it potent at this range in Season 4.

The R-99 is always a good choice, or a Wingman if you have a particularly strong eye.

A sniper loadout could also work, as Revenant can climb higher than other characters. For this, we'd recommend a Kraber (if you can find one), Longbow, or the new Sentinel sniper rifle.

Be warned: while Revenant offers great opportunities for kamikaze playstyles, but your teammates may not approve.

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