Apex Legends Season 4: Guide To Opening Loot Vaults

We've had Season 4 a few days now, and players are slowly getting to grips with the new additions and changes to World's Edge. One of the additions comes in the form of loot vaults - Here's everything you need to know about getting into them and finding some of the games' rarest loot.

Where to find the loot vaults

Altogether, there are three loot vaults, two are on the eastern side of the map, whilst the third is hidden away in the canyon, closer to the centre of the map. All of the vaults are within tunnels.

How to unlock the vaults

Once you have located one of the vaults, the first thing you'll notice is that they're locked.

Fortunately, you can acquire a vault key pretty easily, from one of the several cargo bots (picture below) roaming around the map. 

If a cargo bot is in possession of a vault key, the outside of its panels will flash red, whilst the rest of the bot will continue to cycle through the various loot tier colours

Shooting down this loot pinata will net you a key, keep an eye on the colour of the bot after you shoot it down, as the colour decides the quality of the loot you'll find inside.

What's inside the vaults?

Once you have your vault key (they're quite small, be mindful of where you shoot down the cargo bot) your map will show the vault locations. 

When opening a loot vault,  you could net yourself some gold or purple items or weapons, as well as plenty of healing materials. 

Now that you know how to get into the vault, there's a shed load of rare loot with your name on it. Time to become the next Apex Champion!


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Written byLiam Bartlett@LiamABartlett

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