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Apex Legends Season 4: R-301 Weapon Gameplay Guide – Tips And Tricks For The Best All-Round Gun


Apex Legends Season 4 is here, and while the game has seen plenty of changes, some things stay the same.

Despite the addition of the Sentinel rifle, the R-301 Carbine is still the game’s best all-round assault rifle.

The R-301


A mainstay of both Titanfall and its sequel, the gun has lost nothing in its transition to the battle royale space and is well worth looking out for in World’s Edge.

Ideal for almost any combat scenario, the R-301 is worth scouting for – and we’ve got the best places to find it and the attachments to look out for.

Where To Find The R-301

Found in mid-to-high tier loot areas, the R-301 is a great first gun to find – just be sure to snag it before anyone else does.

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What Attachments And Ammo Does It Take?

A great all-rounder, the R-301 can offer so much more with the right attachments.

Similarly to the R-99, the R-301 can add a barrel stabilizer, extended light mag, and standard stock.


In terms of optics, it can use the Holo, HCOG, 2x HCOG, variable Holo, 3x HCOG and Variable AOG – meaning it can be surprisingly effective at mid-to-long range, as well as ideal for up close and personal firefights.

The Anvil Receiver mod is a game-changer, too, boosting damage and lowering fire-rate and ammo count. With it equipped, the R-301 can use single-shot mode to kill a fully armoured enemy in five or six shots.

The gun also uses light ammo, so you can amass a bucketload over the course of a match.

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R-301 Tips And Tricks

The R-301 is the king of assault rifles. It doesn’t offer a great deal of damage, but the rate of fire is high enough to offset that and it’s impressively accurate – even at longer ranges.

If you’re desperate for a long-range weapon you can switch to single-fire, and with an Anvil Receiver, you might find yourself surprised by how hard it punches, especially with a Variable AOG equipped.

The only knock against it (other than the low base damage) is the gun’s ammo capacity, but even that isn’t an issue with an extended light mag.

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