Apex Legends: How To Self Revive

Teamwork is an important aspect of Apex Legends and ideally, you would always get a squad that works together. However, that sometimes isn't the case or sometimes you're the last one standing with no one left to help. This is when you need to become your own hero! We're going to show you how to self revive so you can stay in the fight.

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How To Self Revive In Apex Legends

To self revive, you will need to find a Legendary Knockdown Shield. This will unlock the ability to revive yourself, otherwise known as a gold Knockdown Shield. They are extremely rare to come across but they are easy to identify due to their bright yellow colour. They can be found in high-tier loot areas as well as supply drops. Chances are if you run into a handful of other teams and are the victor, you'll find one too.

A golden knock down shield on the floor of King's Canyon.
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When you have been downed but not yet killed, you'll see a prompt on your screen telling you which buttons or keys to press to self revive. Follow these prompts quickly. However, if you use your shield to protect yourself from attacks it will show as gold. Therefore, players will likely target you as it's widely known what this colour shield is for.

Once you initiate self revive, it'll be fairly clear to enemies what you're doing, so do your best to get out of everyone's line of sight. There's also a sound which most will be very familiar with so be on guard in case you need to stop reviving and put your shield up. If you successfully complete the revival process, you will be back in the match and ready to continue to fight.

Knowing how to self revive can give your team a fighting chance at winning a match in Apex Legends. We have plenty of guides that can help you make the most of the game. We have one that shows you how to level up the battle pass quickly. Also, we have a guide that shows you how to get skins so that you can customise your favourite Legend.

Updated January 4th, 2022 by Marie Pritchard.

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