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Apex Legends Season 10: How To Self Revive

We're almost at Apex Legends Season 10 and with that comes plenty of changes, keep up to date through the patch notes, one thing we hope stays the same is the ability to self revive.

Although players will usually do their best to help out teammates, sometimes you'll run into someone toxic or it's simply too risky to revive you.

This is when you need to become your own hero! Keep reading to find out how to get yourself up and back into the fight.

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How To Self Revive In Apex Legends

To self revive players will need to find a particular item, without doing so means you will need a teammate to get you up off of the ground.

A Legendary Knockdown Shield will unlock the ability to revive yourself, otherwise known as a gold Knockdown Shield, see below for an in-game picture!

A golden knock down shield on the floor of King's Canyon.
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They can be found in high tier loot areas as well as supply drops. Chances are if you run into a handful of other teams and are the victor, you'll find one too.

Once you are downed, you'll see a prompt on your screen telling you which buttons or keys to press to self revive, bear in mind that using your shield to protect yourself from attacks will show as gold, therefore players will likely target you.

Once you initiate the self revive animation, it'll be fairly clear to enemies what you're doing, so do your best to get out of everyone's line of sight. There's also a sound which most will be very familiar with so be on guard in case you need to stop reviving and put your shield up, this is a great opportunity for a teammate to catch the enemy lacking.

Bloodhound self reviving animation, sitting on desert sand.
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Now that you know all of that, you no longer need to be scared to pick up a gold shield! Get ready for the race to grab one when you and your teammate lock on at the same time!

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