Apex Legends Pro Albralelie Says The Ranking System Is Broken After NICKMERCS, Cloakzy, And CouRageJD Rose To The Top

The ranking system in Apex Legends is interesting, as some players can reach the second-highest tier, Masters, within weeks. It has been possible for players like NICKMERCS and CouRageJD, who are obviously not the top players in the game, to rise quickly. Mac 'Albralelie' Beckwith pointed out that this is evidence that the ranking system is broken, as everyone has been saying.

CouRageJD became an Apex Predator using the Duos system and a top-ranked friend. NICKMERCS and CouRageJD should be able to hit Diamond on their own easily, according to Albralelie. He argues that they can go even further into the highest tiers this way shows the game's flaws.

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Apex Legends Ranking System Is Broken

In response to a question about Nickmercs and Cloakzy, Albralelie responded thoughtfully. The pro did not claim that NICKMERCS, Cloakzy, or even CourageJD deliberately broke the system. He claims that they possess the skills required to reach Diamond.

The message from the viewer Arasiiii:

"@Albralelie you think it's kinda sad that players who have been playing for only 2 weeks can get into masters (NICKMERCS and Cloakzy)"

Albralelie's response:

He went further to say that this is just evidence of a broken system.

WATCH: The Moment CouRageJD Reached Predator Rank In Apex Legends

You can watch the full stream below, but the part where he talks about it is at 3:15:00. He gives more information as well.

Apex Legends isn't going to change their system anytime soon. Streamers like these have boosted the popularity of this game, so it's unlikely Apex Legends would even complicate matters. Nevertheless, the issue has been hotly debated in the community.

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The author made the clips and provided all the information, but Dexerto initially broke the story.

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