Apex Legends Nintendo Switch: Release Date Confirmed, News, Trailer, Rumors, Gameplay, Price, Leaks and Everything We Know

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Season 8 of Apex Legends is finally here, and the Switch version has FINALLY arrived, too.

Here's all we know.


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Release Date

Respawn has now confirmed that the release date will be March 9th, 2021.

The developer had this to say when talking about the upcoming Switch version: 

Hey everyone, this is Chad Grenier, Game Director on Apex Legends.

Today, I’m proud to come to you with some good news. Apex Legends is coming to Nintendo Switch on March 9th, 2021.

Porting Apex Legends to its smallest screen yet is a major achievement, and we couldn’t have done it without our friends at Panic Button. We’re very proud of what the team has been able to achieve with some smart optimizations for the Switch port to deliver a full-featured Apex Legends experience on the go.

Apex Legends will launch on Switch with support for cross-platform play, our latest seasonal content, and full feature parity with the other versions of the game.

Plus, since we’re launching a few weeks after the start of Season 8, Switch players will be granted 30 free levels for their Season 8 Battle Pass. For the first two weeks after launch, playing on Switch will also earn you double XP.

We can’t wait to welcome Switch players to the arena. Keep an eye out for more news about the latest updates we’re bringing to Apex Legends.

See you soon, Legends.

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Switch Bonus

As Grenier noted above, Switch players can expect 30 free levels in the battle pass to help them catch up.

If that wasn't enough, Switch players can earn double XP by playing on Nintendo's system.


The game will run at 30 FPS in both docked and handheld, at a resolution of 720p when docked.

It'll run at 576p in handheld, according to Famitsu.

File Size

The game weighs in at a hefty 25 GB.


While the game will be free-to-play on Switch, there will be multiple SKUs available with various digital goodies.

Expect to see the following on Switch:

  • Champion Edition
  • Pathfinder Edition
  • Octane Edition
  • Lifeline & Bloodhound Edition
  • Lifeline Edition
  • Bloodhound Edition

Currently most of the editions including one legend run at about £17.99, with the Champion Edition containing all of them for £34.99.


Check out the gameplay trailer below.

When the game does eventually land on Switch, there's good news for existing fans - it'll support Cross-Play, meaning you'll be able to play with friends on multiple platforms.

Recent leaks even suggested that Cross Progression could also be coming to the popular shooter, although Respawn hasn't commented yet.

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