Apex Legends Cross-Play: How To Play Cross Platform

Apex Legends' Lifeline reviving Bloodhound during a Deathmatch.

Apex Legends' Lifeline reviving Bloodhound during a Deathmatch.

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As of late 2020, players of Apex Legends have been able to play cross-platform with their friends. This was a feature that players longed for since Respawn Entertainment launched the title, and fans could not be happier to be able to cross-play with their friends globally on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. Though, how does it work exactly?

In this guide, we explain everything you need to know about cross-play between platforms in Apex Legends.

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Is Apex Legends Cross-Play?

As mentioned above, Apex Legends is compatible for cross-play between platforms. So, you can squad up with your friends on PC or console. We explain more about the platforms available for cross-play, how to cross-play, and how to turn cross-play off below.

What Platforms Can Play Apex Legends Together?

Cross-play is available in Apex Legends, but what platforms can play together? Players on PlayStation, Xbox, Origin, and Steam are currently able to squad up together, or come up against one another.

When it comes to matchmaking, however, those playing on PC will be matched with other PC players. Additionally, players on console will also be matched with other console players. This is just how matchmaking worked before cross-play was introduced. Although, PC players can play alongside console players if they wish. All they need to do is invite their friend to their squad before they start matchmaking. Then, they will be put into a match with other PC players.

The Lava Siphon on the World's Edge map in Apex Legends.
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How To Add Friends in Apex Legends

Fortunately, adding friends in Apex Legends is simple enough to do, so you can connect with friends on other platforms in no time. Here's how:

  • Access the 'Friends' tab.
  • Select 'Find Friend' and input their username.
  • Select their profile.

Following this, you will then be friends with that player and can invite them to squad up with you. Just make sure you select the right person and platform that they're playing on whenever you add them!

How To Turn Cross-Play Off in Apex Legends

In Apex Legends, cross-play is automatically enabled. While most of your lobby may consist of players on the same platform, players will squad up with cross-platform friends, meaning that there may be players on other platforms for you to come up against too.

If, for whatever reason, you want to prevent this from happening and disable cross-play, follow these instructions:

  • Open the 'Game Menu'.
  • Select 'Settings' and navigate to 'Cross Platform Play' towards the bottom.
  • Disable the setting.

Once this is done, you will only ever be in battle royales, arenas, and other games against players on your platform.

That's all there is to know about cross-play in Apex Legends, so, enjoy squadding up with your friends across all platforms! For more, check out our guide on the best landing spots, and don't forget to keep up to date with Apex Legends' patch notes to see the latest new content and nerfs.

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